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What is CampingsLab?

CampingsLab is a premier online resource for tent camping enthusiasts who seek to provide helpful information on camping tents, places, gadgets, accessories, camping activities & essentials. We also provision product reviews for a variety of tent camping products.

Mission of CampingsLab

Get more people camping

CampingsLab is an expanding community of friendly people. It is also the largest resource for exclusive tent camping experiences. CampingsLab is committed to helping people who are concerned about the earth and getting more people under the stars by connecting people to nature and one another. We do this because we feel that the natural world contains the best of human nature.

This site is the result of our love and passion for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. We hope to offer a comprehensive guide to tent camping for you and we want to create it as the most reliable information source for you too. Everyone on Our team members has a keen desire to learn innovative and DIY solutions to diverse tent camping problems.

Each time we learn anything new we then test it in a real-world scenario to test its efficacy. Following that, we choose to share the information with all of you once we can prove that the methods work.

Our mission is to help make camping simpler, safer, more secure, and more enjoyable for all. We want to encourage travelers, campers and encourage conservation of our beloved wild places by offering a series of tutorials based on skill, thorough camping guides, and a detailed review of tent camping gear.

In addition, we search for the latest gears & gadgets that are on the market to enjoy camping and hiking. We have them in our arsenal and offer an authentic review of the products. Besides, we share the facts the products aren’t good at and which ones are good. This is extremely helpful in making an accurate comparison between products of various brands and series.

Our Vision

This website encourages people to hike & camp in nature to enjoy nature in its purest form. This mission is also a huge responsibility. We encourage low-impact travel as well as Leave No Trace camping methods in all our resources. We also encourage donations to conservation efforts in the wilderness and volunteering opportunities for trail maintenance.

Additionally, the main priorities for the year are growing our resources and reviewing efforts with camping & hiking in environmental & eco-friendly ways. We have a deep respect for Mother Nature. We are convinced that all of us should be stewards of nature to preserve our environment for generations to be.

Our Values

Resilient and adaptable to the ever-changing landscape. We are positive and grateful particularly when things are tough. We are aware of when we should ask our family and friends for help. We are innovative and resourceful.

We move forward with the vigor and urgency our mission requires. We strive to learn faster to be able to put our money into the most important things. We can achieve more in less time through the creation of systems at the appropriate scale (sometimes using Duct tape.) We take note of moving quickly and also when we take our time.

We strive to maximize the benefit of our camping community as well as our numerous interconnected ecosystems. We aim to build a trusting environment and respect. We value and safeguard diversity as a source of strength.

We are incredibly passionate about our cause to help more people get outside as we are believers in biophilia as well as that love can spur us to take action. We believe that humankind on a larger scale can make an impact positive on the world. We are aware that feedback is the key to development and we continuously search to give and receive feedback.

Our Working Process

Camping and hiking have become part of our daily lives. Because we cannot escape the idea, CampingsLab promises to update and expand our services shortly. We are eager to share exciting and life-saving suggestions with you. In addition, exploring new gadgets and gears is a major interest for us, too. We aim to offer you the most effective tent camping tricks and product reviews for as long as you’re with us.

When we begin to write blogs about a problem that needs to be solved, we make sure to remember all the experiences in connection with the topic. We also discuss the issue with all team members to collate every thought at an individual scale. We aren’t a believer in viral camping hacks, and will never divulge information until we have experienced it on our own. When we learn about a brand new trick, we all decide to try the method to ensure that it is accepted.

Sometimes, we need to make a few more trips to provide some unique and fresh camping tricks or content for review to be sure of the variable rate. In our review articles, we use each product on our own to evaluate the features and their pros and pros. We also maintain a relationship with several experts in camping and frequently review their reviews if they are making use of something brand new. This is how we gather all of the information that’s verified to be genuine and reliable.

CampingsLab is a no-cost service that is completely user-based. We review and select products independently and objectively. We only earn money when you click our affiliate links or buy products that we’ve reviewed. This assists in supporting our work in testing.

If you visit a retailer’s website on our site and then make any purchase that the retailer makes, they will donate an amount of the sale to help fund this website. It’s not costing any extra money and is a straightforward method to support us in funding our reviews of gear.

Our Purposes

CampingsLab is convinced that the bond between us and nature could transform us into a more pure and insightful. In the age of extreme technological development and urbanization is almost impossible to be at a constant connection to nature. It’s the reason why camping and hiking are the most effective methods of getting closer to the natural world and wildlife, and also to discover the primordial aspect within ourselves. This type of activity is essential for release from daily stress as a way to achieve relaxation and excitement.

For all of the reasons above we urge people to take part in camping and hiking activities. to the very best of our abilities. The website is part of our effort to keep us invigorated. It is an opportunity to communicate the solutions to every issue that newcomers have difficulty with to overcome so that they don’t hinder their exploration of the vast and lush world. This is the goal of CampingsLab and the motivation behind our tireless efforts.

Our content is an exact reflection of the people who are creating it. In the above paragraph, we are proud of having a truly authentic team of freelancers and staff who truly love camping and live it. Instead of hiring regular writers and letting them work in the wilderness, we put an emphasis on experience in the outdoors and equipment knowledge when hiring. Our team members have spent countless nights and days on the trails and in the backcountry staying in camping tents rising early to start alpine hikes and living the experiences we write about. Our readers expect information from experts and that’s exactly what we offer.

Connect With Us

We hope that you find our materials to be useful, clear, and encouraging. While we believe we are highly skilled tent camping experts, we are also lifelong learners. Therefore, if you ever need suggestions on how we could improve our products or services please know that any suggestions you make are welcomed with all of our hearts.

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