How To Make A Wall Tent From Tarp: Easy Guideline for Beginners




How to make a wall tent from tarp

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Are you looking for How to make a wall tent from Tarp? Read this.

Once me and my friend John, while in a camp, decided to make a wall tent. There was heavy wind around that place and all we had tarp and some poles. So we decided to make a wall tent out of a tarp and somehow managed a rope and some stakes.

If you ever feel disappointed and not being able to make a tent out of the tarp, not to worry at all! 

I will help you through this article by providing the proper guidelines on making a wall tent from the tarp for beginners. 

How to make a wall tent from a tarp? For making a wall tent out of tarp you must need some basic materials that will help you make your desired tent exactly the way you want. A tarp, some poles, 4-5 stakes, and a wide rope is a must-have material for making this kind of wall tent.

Steps How To Make A Wall Tent From Tarp

Whenever it comes to your mind, can I use a tarp as a tent? The answer is a Big Yes!

For making a tent out of the tarp, at first, you must need a 12’-16’ tarp, in case of a medium-sized wall tent and a 16’-20’ tarp, if you are going to make a bigger tent. 

You need at least 4 stakes to get the tent lasting and durable.

Then you need to get some poles and a 10 inches rope to let the tarp be straight depending on it and give it the shape of a wall tent. 

You must keep in mind that the surface must be flat and the soil needs to be soft so that you can put the stakes inside there.

Want to know how to put a tarp over a tent? Check this.

Making A Wall Tent From A Tarp Step By Step Guidelines

  1. First, you need a pole of exactly the same length as the tarp when it is folded. Here is the guide of How To Make Your Own Tent Poles.
  2. You need to tie your rope to the hook that is attached to the pole.
  3. The other side of the tarp needs to be attached in touch with the surface with a hook, you can do it using a hammer.
  4. On the side you attached a pole, get that straight above the surface to stand out the tarp.
  5. The next step is you must make sure that the tarp on the left and the right side is hooked up with the surface and make sure to give both sides the equal direction and height. 
  6. Lastly, you can put a hook in front of the tent to make it closed when you are inside and to make it safe from any insects.

Types Of Tarps for Making A Wall Tent

Lots of tarps with different materials are there, Like:

Each of those materials has different kinds of features. Some are water-resistant, some are waterproof (Do Tents Need To Be Waterproofed?), while some are more strong and durable compared to others. You may choose any of them according to your needs. 

Using a tarp for making a wall tent is a good choice for beginners. If you ever want to know how to make a wall tent from the tarp, I hope this article will help you to a great extent.

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