Do Tents Need To Be Waterproofed?




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If you are ready for camping but thinking for the season and it feels like you are not safe in your tent in rainy weather. Waterproofing is important for tents, right?

There are some instructions for awareness of a common question, do tents need to be waterproofed? If you don’t check the water inside and outside the tent, the joy of your camping will be ruined.

Here in this article, I will describe when you may need to know that your tent is waterproofed, tips for waterproof, etc. Besides, you have a good knowledge about tent reproofed. Read more!

Do Tents Lose Their Waterproofing?

Prolonged use of the tent may result in loss of functionality, but since the seam sealer of a tent is loose, it is better to take waterproof after a certain period. The water level of the tent can be determined by the hydrostatic head.

How To Know If Your Tent Is Waterproofed?

When it comes to buying a tent, one must look at the tent in particular. Are all Tents waterproof? Make sure to find out the tent waterproofed when buying a new tent. Because the density of the tent varies on the type of fabrics.

Also, the standard value can be determined by checking the hydrostatic head waterproof rating. This is usually done by the manufacturing company. However, if you want, you can see for yourself whether the tent is waterproof or not. Those are:

  • Notice the seams and part of the tent stitch. Check the seams on the sealer to see if they are sewn or smooth.
  • By looking at the zipper you can understand that the tent is waterproof. There are two types of zippers such as coil zippers which must cover them. And if the teeth zipper, it is usually waterproof.
  • Check if there is any defect like water entering the tent.

Why Do You Need To Waterproof Your Tent?

Should I Waterproof My Tent?  

Waterproofing your tent and will keep you safe from intense sun and rain. As a result, the tent will last a long time so that you can use it effortlessly.

If rainwater from a tent seeps into a tent through a sewing hole or enters the tent, or if you have an ill experience of falling asleep due to the feeling of stagnation or water vapor inside the tent, you will lose the joy of your camping. That is why the tent must be made waterproof first.

How Often Do You Need To Reproof Your Tent?

Make sure the tent is waterproof before you go camping. For this, use water spray on the surface of the tent. If there is no water anywhere inside, you can be sure that it is suitable for camping.

Inspect the coating on the top of the tent seams. If waterproofing fails, it must be waterproofed.

How To Waterproof Your Tent?

The part of the tent that is sewn together can hold water in it and flow inside. So follow the below steps:

  •   Choose a dry place at your convenient time and set up the tent.
  •   Clean the dirty area is by rubbing with alcohol or a soft sponge.
  •  Try two layers of seam sealer on the tent seal.

Refresh urethane coating on your tent because it creates a hard layer against the water in the tent.

You can refresh the durable water repellent (DWR) coating by spray over the exterior of the rainfly.

Now you understand do tents need to be waterproofed?

Hoping this article will help you to alleviate anxiety about camping.

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