Where Can I Camp With My Dog in MI, CO, CA, FL, SF, VA, WA, CT?




Where Can I Camp With My Dog

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If you are a pet lover, do you want to leave them behind while going on a trip or camp? I guess you would not do that. I have two dogs and occasionally go on a camp with them.

As they do not make any bigger inconvenience, I always prefer enjoyment while having them, shouldn’t I? I got a clear indication of where can I camp with my dog by exploring blogs, websites. If you are concerned about which place you should go to, then explore this article for making your decision.

Camp with Your Dog In Cherry Creek State Park, Colorado

Having a wider area for roaming and making your dog comfortable is a basic requirement before going on a camp. You are getting here an ample space of 107 acres in the heart of Colorado. Exploring deep inside of this flowing meadow on Cherry Creek means a lot as you have decided to go on a trip with your beloved pet dog. 

Meanwhile, it is one of the biggest hedge dog parks in that region. Besides, you can have long hiking & biking trails, boating & sailing facilities, etc.

Dog Camping In Jonathan Dickinson State Park, Florida

This state park in Florida is one of the best places to go camping with your dog. Either RV or camping tent, it will make you enjoy it to the fullest. Having an opportunity to sail on the Loxahatchee river is not a bad idea, is it? 

Besides, you can hit the one-way track trails with your dog. Meanwhile, carrying a bike is also fun that suits nicely on the trails or greenways. You can explore the history of the park while going on a river cruise. 

This park has a grassy swim field while you can experience ample fishing areas too. So, before asking where can I camp with my dog, this place will arise to mind. 

Camping Bay Area With Dogs In Lake Michigan Campground

This ample lake campground comes with a wonderful forest-fenced park area. As it’s only 15 miles away from the mainland of Manistee, it is an ideal day camping for the locals. Having a sandy beach is its main attraction while you can find a well-organized setting. 

A wide range of trail areas for biking & hiking, kayaking or even sailing, etc., are the best features of this dog-friendly camping destination. It can be the best choice for calm and quiet-lovers as there is no allowance for motorboats.

Dog Friendly Tent Camping In Plaskett Creek Campground, Big Sur

As this campground is near to the central shore of Big Sur, there is a lot of wilderness you will have to see. Besides, it is highly preferable for camping with your dogs as there is ample area to move, explore and run. Either you are going to make a tent or have RV camp, you will have additional picnic benches, etc. 

Exploring Big Sur is much recreational and fun while you get trails for hiking. For pet-owned campers, you can have the chance of getting this attractive dog-friendly beach. Meanwhile, it is the most charming camping bay area with dogs in California.

Camp In Bothe-Napa Valley State Park With Dog

It is one of the best pet friendly campgrounds in San Francisco along with an amazing wooden-based area. You will get the freedom of allowing your dogs into tent-based areas. Besides, there are unpaved trails available to place them. Meanwhile, you can explore many details for booking or reservations on their website as they offer user-friendly and lucrative deals.

Places To Go Camping With Your Dog In Cape Disappointment State Park

For allowing your leashing dogs to be free, this park you can go to. Meanwhile, this park is arguably the best dog and eco friendly tent camping area inside Washington. You can have your pets in yurts and cabins too. 

For having a good time on the beach, it has got fewer competitors in Washington DC. Interestingly, this park’s title was named for a sad history. It is told that several ships once couldn’t navigate here so that most of those got sunk.  

Pet Friendly Campgrounds In Virginia Beach KOA

Where can I go camping with my dog has a frequent answer to share. This is the Virginia Beach KOA inside Virginia as it’s not so far from the town. Besides, you will have biking and hiking trails along with having a professional setup of pet-friendly camping

Meanwhile, it concludes 50 amp service and provides equipment up to 45 feet. Also, you will have Wi-Fi, pools, golf, rental bikes, and so on.

Hidden Acres Family Campground

A family-owned park, Hidden Acres campground has been situated near the Quinebaug river in Connecticut since 1972. Besides, you have all of the facilities for getting a calm swimming experience, long trails for biking, hiking, and so on with your dogs. Hidden Acres family campground also offers all requirements including a laundromat, free cables, WiFi, full wooden sites, etc.

Where Can I Camp With My Dog: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I go camping with several dogs?

-Well, having more than one dog can make them entertained. But first, it is good to call the park authority if they allow it or not. In a nutshell, bringing many is not a problematic issue. 

  1. Can I take dogs in my car while coming to camps?

-Mostly, dogs like car-riding while it can be a scary thing for others. If you have never kept them in a car, then finding an alternative is better. Besides, carrying many dogs in your car may make them entertained.


Before going on a trip, there comes a lot of facts. Carrying your beloved dogs is not a great idea to have a quality time-passing. But most of us do not know where we can go or which places are much pet-friendly among all. 

Meanwhile, some people may think with anxiety that carrying a dog can be insecure or fearful. But inside the USA, you can get several places which are either campgrounds or reserve parks for recreational activities. Moreover, authorities from different parks also offer special deals and facilities for bringing dogs. So, where can I camp with my dog– has a definite and solid answer now.

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