living in a tent in the woods




living in a tent in the woods

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When you travel through the jungle, woods, or hilly areas for hiking, resting at a certain point is necessary. For that, you need to build up a tent to stay at night. So, living in a tent in the woods is not a rare thing to do.

Now, setting a perfect and durable tent gives every newbie a tremendous challenge. It ensures the safety of every individual living inside the tent, including yourself. Do you want to know how it feels to live in a tent?

The shivering dark surrounding the tent and few creepy noises from the woods gave me a formidable challenge to survive that night.

Before that, you must know how to build a tent along with other compartments. Those are the toilet area, materials for cooking, blankets to sleep, and many wood pieces. The wood pieces are necessary for lighting up in the dark.

Gather knowledge before tenting in the woods

Hiking in the Woods has several challenging surviving phases that terrifies the hikers. At dark, no hikers can continue their journey. So, staying under a tent is the only way of safety for the survivors.

You will find some of the tips and tricks that you need before living in a tent homeless. The knowledge required before tenting in the woods will always help you stay as a long-time survivor.

  • Go for the durable and perfect suitable tent
  • Picking somewhere safe to live in the woods
  • Fixing the tent
  • Searching for the foods in the woods
  • Maintain the hygiene

At night the surrounding of the woods gets covered with mist. Our warm-blooded body starts to shiver in the spinning cold wind. Moreover, the joints in the knee and elbow start freezing up, which gives you a hard pain while moving.

For the safety measure, you need to maintain the points mentioned above. There is no doubt for the loss if you don’t follow any of the issues throughout the woods’ journey.

Go for the durable and perfect suitable tent

Choosing a perfect tent gives you the guarantee of living in a tent in the woods. The tent measurement depends on the group members. It is better to select a tent that can give a minimum space for at least three people.

The outer fabric has a lot more to do with your surviving in the woods. If your budget is higher, you can buy a waterproof Canvas top and resist the sun’s severe burn. Those who prefer to choose the nylon fabric must make a waterproof covering over the top.

You might face wild animals like bears, wolves, tigers, etc. that may lead you in danger in the woods. So, it’s better to use a Camouflage color to the top of the tents. If you build a tent living full time, then Canvas is the best option to use as the top cover.

The hikers who travel more than taking rest for a long time can use the pop-up tent. They hike maintaining a fixed budget. Their motive always goes towards living in a tent to save money.

Picking somewhere safe to live in the woods

Gathering people such as family members or friends may be a good option for spending a wonderful time inside the tent. You along with the other members can cook together and make the tent feel more special.

Living in a tent in the woods requires camping in a safe zone. Just put a free camping site and spot it to set up your tent.

Some advantages that you may get at a campsite are:

  • Firepit
  • Communal bathroom
  • Safety from wild animals

So for remaining safe in the woods, this is how to live in a tent long term.

Fixing the tent

Flood is a big issue when living in a tent. So it would help if you remained careful not to set up the tent at any sloppy point or on inclined edges.

To find comfort, you can lay a carpet or padding that will help you stay comfortably on the ground. Moreover, you will get insulation from cold if you add carpet or padding.

It will help if everything is organized, such as cooking supplies, clothes, bathroom supplies, etc. You can store everything in plastic bags or containers, and keeping everything organized will let you help to be more manageable.

If there isn’t a fire pit near you, you can easily set up a fire pit that will be 15cm deep and 60cm across. Put rocks to prevent the fire from spreading all over the place. A fire pit will help you to remain warm.

Searching for foods in the woods

Eating the right food is very important when living in a tent. For keeping a healthy diet, you should intake a lot of fruits and vegetables. You should avoid salt, sugar, and fatty food items to remain healthy.

Keep in mind that you need to get enough calcium. You can keep frozen-dried foods in a container to maintain the temperature.

You can also use the fire pit by putting up a metal grate on the fire pit and placing a pan on the metal grate for cooking raw items. You can also harvest some food outside the tent.

Maintaining the hygiene

As the tent is in the woods, keeping proper hygiene is very difficult. So in case you want to discharge any trash, you can dig the ground near large trees and dispose of those by burying properly.

For setting up a bathroom, you need to find a suitable location that will be 200 feet from your tent. For excretion, dig a hole of at least 6-8 feet, and after finishing, cover it up with dirt or soil.

Try to keep your clothes clean and take a bath every day.

Pros and cons of living in a tent

There are few Pros and cons of living in a tent while maintaining hygiene properly. They are:


  • Easy to dispose trash bags in the ground
  • Access to sufficient water if the tent is nearside river


  • A light bathroom might get disrupted for sturdy storms.

Living in a tent in the woods may seem hard if you don’t have any prerequisite knowledge. Starting from building up the tent to facing individual calamities and surviving in the woods may first seem harsh.

There are basic rules to live in a tent, and the only thing you need to do is understand and follow them. Building a tent may be easy but living inside in the woods is the main challenge.

But if you follow specific guidelines and maintain them properly, you can easily survive the woods living in a tent.

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