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can police detect grow tents

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Any new grower will be scared and ask, “can police detect grow tents?” They can’t directly. This is a confusing statement and I will try to explain it better.

I, personally, may or may not have grown marijuana. However, I have a lot of experience and knowledge about it which is pretty weird for a blue-collar worker. As you know, no one can legally admit to growing marijuana or weed as they are illegal in most countries and states.

Even places that allow people to use them medically won’t let them be grown locally or as private property. But, if you grow weed at home, you have top-shelf stuff to smoke.

What A Grow Tent Is?

While alcohol is legal after a certain age, marijuana isn’t. Police and federal agents always want to monitor or control the drug market. Weed is not even as harmful as a cigarette and I am pretty sure we all know someone who is on bud.

Buying drugs is hard when you have to be careful all the time. This is why some people prefer to grow them on their own. This way you have all the supplies you need on hand and can ensure good quality of the things you smoke.

Some dealers short-change you or add bad stuff to make the good bud last longer. Before we get to the topic of avoiding the police, let me tell you what a grow tent is. A grow tent is a closet-type enclosed space with added features to accelerate the growth and quantity of the flowers.

You can grow cannabis anywhere but, for a newbie a grow tent is the best because it will give you added help and you won’t need to monitor a lot. They are cheap and will save you a lot of trouble. They have reflective walls.

They also have a heat vent to let the heat out. Plus, they are waterproof and have a place to hang your grow lights. Plus they are also widely available.

Police Detection: Can Police Detect Grow Tents?

Since ganja naturally grows in most countries police have a few tricks to find out who is raising weed in their home. So, the answer to can police detect grow tent is yes, they can.

Not only grow tents but other indoor and outdoor bud gardens. Small-time growers only have a garden to create their supply so police do not bother looking for them or have a hard time finding them. They mostly try to find and can find people with large batches of weed.

That is because police and other law enforcement officers do not have a direct way of detecting growers. Weed needs a large amount of sunlight to produce a huge amount of flowers. Natural sunlight won’t cut it if you are an indoor grower. 

Grow tents with their reflective walls and grow lights can provide that heat. But this generates a large amount of heat. Police helicopters have heat cams. 

When they go over your house they can read the surface temperature of your roof and upper rooms. It is difficult to read the temperature of your walls because of other houses. In summer, roof temperature can go up a lot so it is really hard to find a small-time grower.

In winter, they try to see if any of your rooms are noticeably warmer than others. If it is, they will send the chopper at different times to see if it matches the pattern of cannabis growth. But, they might now be suspicious of you but they can’t go inside if do not have a search warrant.

And suspicion is not enough grounds to get a search warrant. So, now what they do is they send a Cop to sniff around. The Cop tries to find anyone who knows if you are growing weed.

They also try to trip you in conversations and try to find out the smell of marijuana flowers. If they have a certain amount of evidence, they will get a search warrant and seize your supply. You can get arrested for possession of drugs.

Avoiding the Police

Now that you know how the police catch you for cultivating ganja, you can avoid them by taking precautions. If you are smart and do so, they will never know about your grow tent.

Never tell other people about your weed garden. It might sound silly but this is the number one way people get caught. If they aren’t your partner-in-crime, they do not need to know.

It includes even your best friends. They can slip and tell other people and you would have no way of controlling that information.

Consider all the ways people might know you have a grow tent. Flowering plants smell. So, if you are venting air outside, vent the air with a carbon scrubber. They remove odor from the air and purify it.

You might have an AC to cool the room or an exhaust fan, but these give off vibrations and sounds. Having high-quality equipment and being careful in setting them will help you a lot.

To hide your grow lights, buy some blackout curtains or light-proof clothes. Grow lights giveaway that you are doing something illegal.

You have to be smart about attending to your growing garden. Do not let anyone notice you spending time in a corner of your place or having gardening stuff when you don’t even garden. Growing other plants is a good cover for the shovels and fertilizers.

Compared to other crimes, growing cannabis is pretty harmless. So, can police detect grow tents? Yes. But should they do so? No.

Unless the dealer and grower seize a good amount of the black market they shouldn’t bother with it. Small growers do so for medical purposes or to save money and they only have a yield of few ounces.

If you grow buds in small quantities, you should still be careful. Recently police brutality against people of color and Asian hate is increasing. Even growing a small plant might get you jailed or maimed or killed as an excuse.

Thus, all of us should know all the laws regarding marijuana cultivation and other things before attempting it.

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