How to Make a Camping Tent from Scratch? 4 Easy Steps




How to Make a Camping Tent from Scratch

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Are you wondering that how to make a camping tent from scratch by yourself?

You can surely count on us for helping you with that. Well, making a camping tent from scratch may seem like exhausting work. Especially when we might have to do it from scratch. Knowing how to make a camping tent from scratch is a predominant life skill. Notably, if you plan to go on a camping trip anytime soon. Because good camping tents may come with a bit of a hefty price. 

I realized the importance of learning this predominant life skill last year. I went camping on a hill with my uncle. Our attempt to make a camping tent from scratch went in vain. Rather miserably if I might add. That is when I decided to master the making of a camping tent from scratch.

So, why not make your camping tent and save your pocket some slack. And maybe you can use that on another camping trip. Moreover, intending to build a camping tent from scratch may leave your bag pack with minimal things to carry. A lighter bag pack is always prudent on a camping trip.

Steps Of How To Make A Camping Tent From Scratch?

If you’re looking for some information about making a camping tent from scratch, I hope the following information helps. 

Basic Ridge Tent

For making a basic ridge tent, it is vital to find the right location. So, you better set your eyes out to look for two trees with at least 10-15 feet of distance between them. Definitely make sure that they are in a  dry place. Avoid pits because you might want to avoid a swampy environment. Now that you have found the right location, you will need:

  • Waterproof, good quality tarpaulin
  • Heavy-duty rope, sting, or chord
  • Sticks for stakes 

Tie the rope between the two trees first. Do make sure that they are not too high. The tarpaulin must reach the ground. Tie the string according to the one-third of the tarp if you do not happen to carry a second tarp. 

Fold the tent in a triangular manner, so one-third of it can be used as the floor of the tent. The rest of the two sides should remain as the tent’s walls. Once you have hung the tent properly, secure the tent’s corners using a stick as the stake. Do not forget to make sure the walls are nice and tight.

If you don’t have posts to use as stakes for securing your tent, you can also use some rocks to tie the tent’s ends. And you will have your tent to sleep right in front of you. 

Cornet Tarp Shelter Tent

If you can’t find a dry area between two trees, you do not need to get worked up over it! You can still make an enclosed tarp shelter. For this, you will need-

  • A waterproof tarp or canvas
  • Stick or pole to use as a stake
  • Heavy-duty rope or cord

After gathering all the necessary equipment, tie one end of the rope on the tree. Tie the other end on the stake on the ground. After you have secured the ropes’ position, hand the tarp or the canvas over the rope. 

Secure each end using a stake. If you do not happen to have a stick or pole to use as stakes, grab some strings from nearby. Put it on the end of the tarp or canvas. If you have an extra waterproof tarp or canvas, you can use it as the floor.

 And utilize the other one just for the walls. Because this tent might leave you with minimal headspace and base to work with if you are using the same tarp for the walls and the floor.

Teepee Tent

This tent is the classic kind of tent that you would see toddlers drawing when asked to draw a tent. To build this tent, choosing the location becomes an easy task instead. Because this particular type of tent can protect you from storms. It also helps to avoid pits. After all, water may seep in.

Now that you have found the perfect location, you will need the materials used to build a tent house-

  • Sticks as stakes
  • A waterproof tarp or canvas
  • Ropes, cloth line, or cords

Choose the shape of your teepee according to the number of stakes you have. You need at least four stakes. Depending on the number of stakes you have, you can make different shaped tents. 

Lay the tarp or canvas on the ground evenly. And then put your stakes on the ground and secure it by making holes on the tarp or canvas. Use a knife to make the holes. The number of holes must depend on the shape and size of the tent.

 After you have confirmed the stakes on the ground, secure the central pole. Tie rest on the stakes to the tip of the central rod using a rope or cord. Pull the tarp or canvas over the central pole. And make sure that the walls are nice, firm, and tight. 

Secure the tent’s head by using a rope to tie the tarp or canvas over the central pole. Make sure that you leave one end for the tent’s closing and opening. And you will have known how to make a camping tent from scratch.

Arrowhead Bushcraft Pitch

This type of tent is an excellent shelter for protecting you from a storm. But it is not very good at shielding you from the wind. To build this tent, you will need-

  • Four sticks as stakes
  • A canvas or waterproof tarp

To make this tent, you must find dry ground. Secure the ends of the stakes in one position together. The head of the stakes should be perpendicular to each other. 

Then you have to raise the two stakes in the middle by tying them to a tree. Finally, cover the shape with a tarp. The walls should form a triangular shape. And there should be an upside-down triangular above the opening of the tent. Voila! You have your very own DIY camping tent.

Hopefully, as mentioned above, the information can help you make your camping tent. Camping tents are essential. Especially if the weather decides to turn its back on us on a camping trip! 

This shall answer all your questions regarding how to make a camping tent from scratch. So, next time you go on a camping trip with a lightweight bag pack, do not forget to carry your tarp, sticks, and ropes.

But are you struggling with carrying the long stakes along with you to the hill? Convertible stakes can be of massive benefit. Have a fantastic camping trip next time! And feasibly, you will not have to break a sweat about spending thousands on just a tent.

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