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Eco friendly tents

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Our hectic life has made us all familiar with the term ‘camping’. It involves overnight stays away from home, outdoor in a shelter. In most cases, the shelter is preferred to be a tent.  

Most tents are very easy to set up. While exploring the view of nature, a tent is very helpful where one can take a quick rest. But it is a must to pick a good tent to relish the experience fully.

I had an awful experience once of getting sick on a trip because I breathed in poisonous air. Now, will you consider going out to enjoy some time with family or friends and inhale toxic gasses? The answer, undoubtedly, is a no.

Using eco friendly tents will remove this tension. It will also make the entire adventure a lot better than you expect.

Why is it important to have eco friendly tents?

Camping is for people who are looking forward to connecting with nature. From spending quality time with family to finding your mental and physical happiness, a little trip to some beautiful place is a wonderful way. Far from social drawbacks, camping can provide space to think clearly.

But the use of some gear made of harmful material can destroy all the excitement. Such as there are lots of tents that are made of PVC which can emit threatening gasses. Also use of fire retardant intents can be extremely toxic.

The use of synthetic fiber in tents can make them contaminated with mold or other bacteria. 

This can cause problems to those who are especially reactive to these substances. Further, once a plastic tent is disposed, it will take forever to decompose. 

All of these can make it seem to be better to skip the tent campaign entirely. But that would end up being a mistake though. This is because, a little cautious eye around us will make it easier to find tools that are neither harmful to our health, nor to the environment. 

 So, here we have gathered some information about a few types of tents that are environment friendly. This will help you to go eco camping easily.

Vaude campo compact eco tents

These eco tents come with features that are at top priority in a customer’s list. It can be set up super-fast and will remain in shape longer than usual because of the poles that are made of aluminum. Spacious inside and awesome ventilation make the tents super comfortable.

In a tent, pockets are very useful and this helpful detail is available here. It has the ability to withstand strong winds whilst keeping you well aired inside. Special silicon bonding technology is used to ensure absolute waterproofness.


 Key features: 

  • 1 entrance.
  • 1 vestibule.
  • Ventilation adjusted through the front zip.
  • Sufficient for 2 people to adapt.
  • Tent Weight: 2.7 kilograms (5.9 pounds).

REELtent by Reel Brands

The inventors of the Reel brand are claiming to invent a plastic free tent. They have introduced these tents and hoping those to be used vastly in upcoming festivals. When the world is trying to go green, they have come up with this amazing idea. 


They are mainly using a material called Cygnus Eco and a secret natural water-repellent. 

This make these tents remain dry. As not a single piece of harmful element is used to make these tents, they are very likely to be used without any tension.

Key features: 

  • Intended for 2/1 people.
  • Color can be customized.
  • Light-weighted.

Tarptant Hogback tents:

The family that camps together, stays together. And this tent is for those hiking families. A trip by the lake with this tent and a couple of eco friendly camp chairs can make an evening worth remembering. It is one of the lightest and most compact family tents one can find out there.

This tent can be pitched in 2 minutes. It goes up quickly and easily since the fly and body are connected. This makes this tent work faster than most tents. They also provide additional pullouts on the arch sleeve and perimeter hem.

They are double-walled and have strut-supported corners. The interior of the tents never gets wet. The carbon fiber posts in the corners are display of some brilliant design. 

These tents are so spacious that 4 people can sit up together without touching a wall. They have large floors where 4 adults can sleep easily. A partial solid interior adds nothing to the listed weight.

Key features:

  • Dual slide entrance.
  • Small vestibule shield pack.
  • Highly water-resistant.
  • Can sustain moderate snow.
  • Keeps inside warm.
  • Tent weight: 2.5 kilogram (5.5 pounds).


This four-season dome tent with optimized strength is very useful to use in harsh terrain. It has high security for using in exposed conditions. These tents are one of the best eco friendly tents one can find in the market.

The flysheet and inner tent are connected to make pitching simple. It’s 3 pole construction makes the tent self-supporting. Extra-large ground loops and anchor points mean you can use poles to anchor the tent in the snow.

In warm weather, the doors can be fastened in a half-opened position. Mosquito netting in the flysheet doors is attached. This makes them just as practical to be used in the Summer Mountains as in the tropical climates.

Key features:

  • Doors at opposite sides.
  • High ceiling in the entire inner tent.
  • 3 extra strong yet light DAC Press-fit poles.
  • Tent weight: 3.7 kilograms (8 pounds).

2 Person Bushcraft Tarp Tent

This is for the minimalistic purists out there. This tarp has only one trekking pole and can be used as an emergency shelter for 1 – 2 people. The wings of the tarp can be folded and used as a floor. If the tarp is stretched out, it offers lots of space.

To protect the environment, the flysheet was made out of eco-friendly resources. It can be used as a cover or connected to almost all Vaude tents to extend the vestibule. And the use of this non toxic camping gear can pretty much gear you up for the next trip.

Key features:

  • Multi-functional.
  • Sunshade function.
  • Survival Shelter function.
  • Tent weight: 490 grams (1.078 pounds).


Camping goes a long way to improve your mood. It is fun and important. What also important is to be cautious about using things that won’t, in any way, harm our mother nature. 

Eco friendly tents are the predominant element that will ensure your as well as the environment’s wellbeing while creating a canopy. Most of them are cheap, affordable, can be easily carried, and lasts a lifetime. What’s more one may need to have a safe and relishing adventure!

 So, next time while exploring new surroundings and enjoying the charm of creation, along with other necessities, you must carry one of these tents.

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