what heaters are safe for tents




what heaters are safe for tents

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Some fewer people do not like camping journeys, don’t they? For having an exceptional expedition, you need nothing but a flexible one while choosing the tent. I started to go on several camping tours while I was in high school. 

Once I had a bad experience while struggling over the severe weather situation. But nowadays, you do not need to worry while experiencing weather transformations in your camp, do you? Several companies have come with their latest heater products, mostly suitable for camping. Besides, you need to know what heaters are safe for tents, don’t you?

Types Of Tent Heaters

There is a variety in the tent heaters according to size and features. Though these all contain the same basic role when performing, you need to know the variety for better flexibility. There are two main types- electric and gas heaters. 

Gas heaters are easily operable and have large popularity due to their affordability. It contains fuels such as kerosene, butane, propane, etc. As a result, having additional fuel is easier just like grasping a slender canister. 

On the other hand, an electric heater needs a vent while requiring a generator too. Unlikely to gas-empowered parts, these battery-based heating products are operable through solar power. These processes have made it an ideal option for off-grid devotions. As a result, you will get enough flexibility in warm or frigid situations too. 

Electric Heaters

As there are mainly available two types of heaters such as electric and gas, both have pros and cons. Let’s explore the pros of an electric heater first. 

  • First of all, it doesn’t consume any oxygen which is a key characteristic of electric heaters
  • It comes with no carbon monoxide production
  • You will no need here to purchase propane and other fuel-based tubs

Now, let’s talk about its bad sides or disadvantages.

  • It requires an electrical terminal that specifically can narrow down your campsite possibilities
  • Requiring to use an expanded cord so that you have to manually set it up on the tent zipper trail
  • It consumes energy in a large volume which can create big havoc for you
  • A tilted electric heater can leave the tent on fire

Variation of Electric Heaters

Inside the electric heaters, you will find several classifications too. Among them, we can talk about fan-blown heaters first. It is one of the most known space heaters. 

Besides, air can blow here beyond the heating component. Then, the flow goes up to the front side of this heater along with a propeller. Meanwhile, you may find this heating element in a warmer situation. 

Besides, there is also available a halogen heater that can make anything warmer directly though it can not warm the atmosphere. Moreover, infrared heaters come with a specification that includes working on a vacuum, isn’t it interesting? It holds the strength to work via radiation. 

But keeping your eyes safe here is very important unless the radiation can create any harm. Lastly, you will find Dyson pure hot & cool compellers too. These space heaters contain a benefit that is exceptional than any other heaters. 

It will never get hot itself interestingly. This feature is undoubtedly the best feature as every person will love to have this specification while staying inside the tent. As touching hot coils can create any risk, you have the option here to get flexible with flammable materials. So, you will have a better perception now regarding what heaters are safe for tents.  

Gas Heaters

Let’s now focus on the strength of a gas heater. 

  • It comes with high portability that is suitable to place anywhere
  • It brings a lot of energy along with high warming capability within a small space

Now, let’s see the disadvantages too. 

  • Coming with carbon monoxide risk where so many gas heaters are considered as a house of carbon monoxide
  • It contains the risk of oxygen deficiency too

Are electric heaters safe enough?

As you will find a lot of collections in the market available for your tent, there are so many security systems included. But still, as far as you choose an electric heater, it may be the reason behind any fire case. Most cases show that these incidents took place when users were unaware of. So, maintaining the instructions is a must along with paying extra attention will make you comfortable and secure. 

Protection tips for using a tent heater safely

As some risks you can not avoid easily, discussions regarding a security plan for your tent are badly needed. So, let’s explore the top safety marks.

  • If you are asking for a gas heater with better portability, then you have to ensure that it contains a certification of 4.98 CSA
  • It is highly asked if your heater comes with ample spaces or not unless you can not fully mitigate the chances of any risk 
  • It is better not to use a heater while you are going to sleep as supervising your heater all time will bring you the best result
  • Making some space to ventilate the tent while using either electric or gas heaters, doesn’t vary

Inspecting ventilation demands

As any good ventilation system is so vital in bringing fresh air inside your tent, you need to ensure it before activating the heater. Besides, it puts a bigger role in diluting any type of carbon monoxide as well as other chemical products. In the open flue heater, you have to let fresh air flow inside all over the tent while the heater is active. 

Meanwhile, the open flue heaters usually utilize air through the tent or room. Moreover, it produces carbon monoxide along with other risky gases which can drop back inside the tent. 


To enjoy winter camping, it is always an empty or joyless occasion without a tent heater. As several brands are providing different types of tent heaters, you need to be clever in choosing the best product. As security risks are directly related to your tent heater, it is always challenging to find the best out of all while getting the best services. 

Your clever approach along with calculating your best possible requirements will get you closer to the best-featured heaters. Meanwhile, you will have a clear visualization regarding what heaters are safe for tents.

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