how to set up dream tents




how to set up dream tents

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Having difficulty putting your children to sleep? Well, how about trying the dream tent from Ontel? If you have not seen it, now is the time. This is a perfect escape to a dreamy world. Your child gets to enjoy a wonderful view while going to bed. If you have already bought it, congrats to you. You just have to set it up on the bed. 

Allen bought one dream tent for her daughter. It took a while for him to set that on the bed. But afterward, his daughter loved it. Users may not be aware of how to set up dream tents. There is nothing to worry about. We will discuss the process in detail so that you do not face any difficulty.

What is a Dream Tent?

Dream tents are pop tents for children. They are placed on the bed like a canopy tent. These glow in the dark which is perfect. Children can have their secret hideout with them. Also, the built-in reading light allows reading books inside the tent.

Children love to use them as play tents too. It gives the feeling of a dream house. They are easy to set up. These become bedtime fun for kids. There are different designs. You can choose the one kids will love. The manufacturer offers “Winter Wonderland“, “Unicorn Fantasy”, and “Space Adventure” themes.

Each of the themes is perfect for children. They can enjoy the view from inside the tent. It also gives camping feel when you close the curtains in the front. They also allow imagination and spark creative play before going to bed.

The package is super convenient for easy storage and transport. You take them anywhere by putting them inside the travel bag. The product is also the perfect gift for birthdays or any occasion for the kids.

Reasons for getting a Dream Tent

If you are thinking of buying one of these products, you will not run out of reasons. In case you are finding it difficult and have no reason, we would love to add some. First of all, it helps children to imagine and play creatively. Often, they want to have a private space where kids love to spend time.

Once you open the tent it becomes almost thirty inches long. That is pretty big and perfect for twin-size beds. And it’s comfortable as well. Kids will not feel they are in a congested place.

The unique and creative designs attract them to imagine things. Additionally, bedtime becomes a fun time. Many children are difficult to put to sleep. This can be a solution. If they read books, it is even better. They will form a habit of reading which is a wonderful habit.

Parents are also relieved when their kids enjoy bedtime. Storing it is also easy and takes less space. You can take the tent in the luggage while traveling as well. It will fit in any twin bed.

What do you have in a Dream Tent Package? 

Dream tents come with a beautiful round cover pack. It helps to keep the product compact and easily storable. And of course, the cover has the theme design on it. They are suitable for twin beds. But sometimes they fit on some bunk beds too.

When you open the cover bag, there will be a tent. Also, they include two U-shaped plastic sticks. You need to stick them with the tent. There are two points for attaching them on both sides. A small pocket is inside the tent. You can use it for keeping a book, torch, or other things.

The package says the reading lights are inside. But unfortunately, they are not. You have to order it through the mail. Moreover, the shipping charge is also on you. This is a very bad approach and marketing policy from the manufacturer. If it is mentioned on the package, the lights should be attached as well. Or, at least they should be free of charge.

Setting Up a Dream Tent

If you do not know how to set up Dream Tents, do not worry. We will discuss the process in an easy. It is not that difficult anyway. For setting up the tent, you need to buy one.

The package is one round cover bag. Open it, and inside you will find the tent folded. Bring it out carefully. Otherwise, the tent will open suddenly and may injure you. There are also two U-shaped grips. You need to stabilize the tent. Also, they will stick to the mattress for standing firm.

After you get those two things, it is time for setting up. Place the open tent on the bed. It should be the side where the kid’s head side is. Then take the U-shaped grips. The hook side should be on top and the rest will go under the mattress. Then, attach the hooks with the clipping points for them.

Your Dream Tent is ready for the kid. Now he/she can go inside and start having a wonderful and adventurous time. 

To keep it back inside the bag, you need to fold it. The folding process is also easy. Lose the grips. Fold the tent in a cross direction. Again repeat the process. Now you have the tent ready to store again. Tuck them in, and they are back to new.


The dream tent can be a useful item for your growing children. They love the different themes it has. As a parent, this item can be ideal as a gift. We are here to help you whenever you face a problem and want to know how to set up dream tents. It is not hard.

Children love when they can see beautiful sceneries. The reading light and the pocket give them a feeling of owning a world. That is necessary while growing up. They must have the sense of having a private space. So, get a dream tent and let them explore a new world.

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