How To Connect Two Tents Together? 5 Easy Ways




How to Connect Two Tents Together

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Suppose you and your friends went camping. You all want to stay together and enjoy some space for yourself. But you don’t have an interconnected tent and now you are wondering how to make it work. This is the time when you need to know how to connect two tents together.

Tents are a bit tricky to set, but they will turn out as perfect as expected if you can follow the procedures correctly. A tent, made accurately, can be strong as well as comfortable for taking a rest. You do not need to worry if you have brought along two single person tent.

Are you getting nervous? Please do not feel such because it is very easy to learn; once you look at this whole writing, you can get a clear idea of how it is done.

Finding The Right Tent

There are hundreds of types of tents in the market. Every piece of the tent has a different significance because they are made for various purposes. Some are within the average price range, and some are super expensive and have distinguishable features. Design, structure, and price vary from usage and purpose.

When you make up your mind to buy a tent, make sure that it matches your camping idea. For example, for a lot of people, you might need to purchase big tents for camping. Thus, you will not have to face the hassle of connecting two tents in the first place. Although, you might as well have to pay some extra bucks.

The Process Of How to Connect Two Tents Together

So, proper planning before camping and buying tents accordingly is a wise decision. However, if you have already had two separate tents, here are some easy ways to join two tents together for your concern. Generally, there are four methods that are used to solve this problem; however, you will find some supplementary tips here at the end.

Using Connecting Tents

If you are looking for something fastest and most comfortable, then you can adopt this method. Although all tents are not made in a way that can be easily attached, your priority would be to get connectable tents linked easily with another one. It will make the task much easier for you to set up the tent.

This type of tent has a unique zipper that allows the other tent to be connected with it. In fact, you can connect more tents in this way if needed. Not to mention, the tents must be from the same brand; otherwise, they might not work correctly.

Generally, there is a brand named pod tents, which make this type of connected tents only. If you are interested, you can visit their website to get more ideas.

Using Clip For Double Doors Tent

If you search on the internet about how to connect two tents together, you will find this idea the most. At first, you have to position your tents as you want them to stay in this technique. Your one tent must have two doors to complete this design. After arranging them, roll up the doors and attach their openings with binder clips.

Now, you have a vast and spacious tent for all. However, you can get creative as you want. Additionally, make sure that you bind them with a strong clip, and the connection is tight and doesn’t fall apart. Any binder clips will work. Use more than one if required.

Apart from all, be careful about bug attacks, and if the weather is rainy, you might need to close it down.


Using Tarp For One Door Tents

No fear if you don’t have the same tents or one with double doors. Here is what you can do.

For that, you will need a large tarp and rope. Place your tents at a convenient distance, then use some tent stakes to give them strong support.

After that, you have to stretch the rope over the tents so that it looks like a straight line through the middle side of them. Keep in mind that the rope has to be tight enough and cannot be loose.

Finally, place the tarp over the rope, covering both of the tents evenly. Eventually, it should look like a small hallway between the two tents. You can also use two strings to make a square type shape.

It will create a vast looking tent. In addition to that, you need extra tools to connect, which will cost you some more money. That is why it is recommended to buy large tents for large occasions. If searched properly, you might find ads like big tents for sale.

Covering Over Smaller Tent Door

The fourth and final method will work fine if you have one large tent and one or multiple small tents. Follow the instructions, and you will be good to go.

At first, you have to place the large tent in the central. Next, the smaller tent is to be placed beside the larger tent, and you need to push it into the door of the large tent. As we advance, put a tarp over the joint to seal the walls, use binding clips for extra support.

By adopting this technique, you can connect more tents with temporary walls. However, be careful in regards to the rain flies. If not connected properly, the tarp can be sloppy and start to fall apart.

Using Multi-Room Tents

Multi-room tents are most efficient than going through the trouble of connecting two tents. Despite having similar features to pod tents, it is cheaper and multifunctional.

You won’t be needing any tarp or binding clips to attach tents here because they have a built-in function.

Furthermore, having all plus points, multi-room tents have some disadvantages too. Firstly, it is a lot heavier than regular tents and needs more effort to set up.

So, hopefully, it is now more apparent to you how to connect two tents together. You can even create a new idea to solve this problem by combining all the methods discussed above.

The main thing is realizing the concept, and you can make it helpful whenever. Camping is fun, and individuals are brought closer by it.

Initially, you might not have planned for a larger space but may wind up needing one. Check if you have packed all the necessary tools before leaving. Things would be significantly more straightforward if you can buy store made connectable tents from amazon if you are okay with the cost.

Use your instinct and have great camping.

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