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DIY tent stove jack

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Once while I and my cousins were at a campsite, heavy rain started, although the weather was a bit cloudy from the beginning. We just then prepare to make our breakfast tea. Suddenly one of my cousins gave us the idea of cooking inside our tent. 

As we started to set the stove inside we felt that there is a lack of ventilation in our tent and due to raining water coming from outside with heavy wind. We had to close the tent as well. I said, why not try a DIY tent stove jack now? Then we started making our own tent stove jack ourselves.

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If you ever feel any hassle of making the tent stove jack this article is surely for you.

Today through this article, I am going to show the steps by which we made our own tent stove jack.

How To Make A DIY Tent Stove Jack? 

  • The first step is, you need a silk fabric like a curtain and make it half in a square shape.
  • Then sew the cloth all around.
  • Make a square-shaped hole in the middle of the cloth, make it a bit bigger so that the flue pipe does not get touched to the hole.
  • Next, you need to mold this cloth with a fiberglass silicon fabric all over.
  • You have to put the cloth in the middle of your tent and sew it with the tent tightly.
  • Next, you have to get the pipe that comes from the stove, in the middle of the jack you made.
  • Now it’s all done and the fuel that comes from the stove will go out straight and therefore you will not feel suffocated inside your tent.

Advantages Of A Stove Jack 

Stove jack is very popular for any kind of tent, especially for any tent you make out of tarp.

  • It helps you to get your tent cold inside. 
  • It gets the fuel out from your tent that comes whenever you cook. 
  • Even if you cook inside your tent you don’t need to open the door of your tent.
  • Stove jack helps you cook comfortably in your tent whenever it is raining outside.
  • Stove jack helps you cook inside your tent when it is unhygienic to cook outside.

Whenever you plan to camp for more than a day and you must cook yourself, a stove jack is a big solution to your concern. Through this article, you will be able to know how to try a DIY tent stove jack. 

Can You Put A Stove Jack In Any Tent?

You can put a stove jack almost in every tent, but the tent must be of Canvas or polycotton and need to have a space for the flue pipe.

What Is A Stove Jack Made Of?

Usually, a stove jack is made of fiberglass silicon fabric. This fabric is basically used for its high heat resistance feature. Because it sometimes gets attached to the flue pipe that is in high heat. 

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