What Is A Tent Footprint? All You Need To Know




What is a tent footprint

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Last month I went to North America for a short camping. That’s why I didn’t carry any tent footprint with me. But it was a big mistake for me to buy a new tent. I don’t want anyone to make the same mistake in the case of camping.

How to use the footprints of the tent to camping safely? This article will help you to know about what is a tent footprint, why it is important, use and more.

What Is A Tent Footprint?

A tent footprint or groundsheet is the type of fabric that protects your tent from any kind of barrier. Tent Footprint refers to the distance of the soil with the tent and it is much durable so that the tent is protected from wounds, water retention.  Also keeps the tent clean from sand, scratch. It is shaped according to the size of the tent. Clean so can be used for camping many times.

What Is A Tent Footprint Made Of?   

A tent footprint is made of polyester or durable polythene or rexine, light in weight, and easy to carry for camping

How To Use A Tent Footprint?

First, select the place for setting up the tent. Clean the area to avoid accidents. Then set up the tent footprints. And enclose the tent on it. Connect the whole in such a way that even if rain waterfalls, the waterproofing does not fall under the tent.

How Big Should A Tent Footprint Be? Read this.

Importance Of Using Tent Footprint: Is It Worth Money?

Why do you need a tent footprint? Those who like to camp use the tent for themselves to protect themselves from rain, intense sun, insects, etc. The importance of tent footprints in maintaining the novelty of the tent and its long-term use. Below is some of its importance:

  • Just as we use shoes to keep our feet safe when we walk, a footprint under the tent protects the tent from stones, sand, thorns, etc.
  • Adequate sleep is needed to keep fresh our body and mind while camping. A tent footprint helps to maintain the balance of warm the bottom of the tent.
  • Tent footprints are very effective in protecting the soil from waterproofing in wet soil and rain. Tents Get Wet Inside? Learn why?

You can use REDCAMP Ultralight Tent Footprint.

Can I Use A Tarp As A Tent Footprint?

You can use a tarp as a substitute for a tent footprint. It will save money and you can use it without any hassle. However, it must be made according to the size of the tent. Therefore cut it less than 2 inches from your tent for waterproofed. How To Put A Tarp Over A Tent?

Can I Make My Own Tent Footprint?

You can make your tent footprint with materials of your choice such as nylon or polyester fabrics. Also, make the alternative with durable plastic fabrics or tarpaulins and it is much cheaper.

Hopefully, you understand what is a tent footprint.  You won’t have the same problem as me because it is important for tent protection. You can select the tent footprint of the tent by reading all the information mentioned above and increase the durability of the tent by using the tent footprint or groundsheet as you like.

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