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How to Put a Tarp Over a Tent

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Once I was camping across Scotland and it suddenly started raining. I was not prepared for the rain! And I realized that I should have known about how to put a tarp over a tent.

Are you pondering that why do you need to put a tarp over a tent? A large tarp shelter causes a huge benefit. You can have somewhere dry to cook and sit by the fire. 

Otherwise staying in zipped-up tents would be the only fortune. If you are not looking forward to staying in zipped-up tents, I hope the following instructions about putting a tarp over the tent helps.

Plough Point Shelter

Campers often love this kind of tarp shelter. It gained its admiration among campers solely due to its efficiency. It is easy to construct, less time-consuming and, shielding. 

And, in favor of the lightweight bag packers, it is an absolute boon. Because it requires minimal equipment. The required equipment is-

The first step is to tie the cord to one of the corner tie-down loops. Find a suitable location and lie the tarp flat on the ground. Once you’ve done that, peg out the other three corners.

Use your pole to raise the fourth corner. Insert the tip of the pole into the rig point. Peg out the cord that you had tied on earlier. 

Make sure that the pole is long enough. In case it isn’t, it may not have enough headroom. Lack of headroom above the tent may result in poor protection from the rain.

Don’t forget to pitch away from the wind for the best protection from the elements.

Continuous Ridgeline

You need to find a proper location for this first. The tent needs to be built between two trees. Types of equipment required to build this tarp shelter are-

  • Poles 
  • Tarp
  • Heavy-duty cord

Meander along the ridgeline to the other end of your tarp. Slide the knot along the line. So that you have enough rope or cord to wrap it around the second tree. 

 Clip the knot into the center point of one side of the tarp. Pull the prusik knot towards the tree. And then tighten it.

Work the line around the trees. So the tarp can be slid through it. Position it over the tent.  

Once the positioning is done, peg each corner of the tarp to the ground. This will surely protect you from adverse weather.

The Reflect Wedge

This type of tarp shelter may be bad at protecting you from the wind. But, it is an excellent shield against the rain. The rain droplets slide away before they can get to you.

If your tent has a good amount of headspace, this tarp shelter may not be for you. Unless your tarp is big and there is no wind. So, the equipment required are-

  • Tarp poles
  • Pin or bolt
  • Cloth line or cord
  • Tarp

Peg one end of the tarp behind the tent. Stake a pole in front of the tent. The pole must be pegged according to the size.

Tie another end of the tarp to the tip of the pole. The tarp needs to stay taught over the tent. The other two sides may remain on the sides of the tent.  You may secure it with stones. Or, you may peg them to the ground. But only if you have remaining bolts or pins. 

Van Attachment

This is probably the easiest method of making a camping tarp shelter. The only equipment you need to make this are-

  • Cord or string 
  • Tarp

If you build your tent in front of your van, attach two corners to the top of the van. Pull the other two ends over the tent. And, secure to the ground. 

The Lean-To Tarp Shelter

This is another shelter that is extremely simple to make. And it is great for deflecting wind or providing sunshade. And probably the easiest answer to ‘how to put a tarp over a tent’.

The tarp needs to be secured to the ground on the windward side first.  It needs to be supported with the paracord. Do it between the anchor points. This is an “on the hop” shelter because it’s easy to bolt upright. You can quickly take it down.

It provides great wind deflection. And it will keep you safe from the sun or rain. The drawback of this shelter is that there are no sides or floors to provide protection.

Equipment required-

  • Rope
  • Tarp

Attach a rope between two trees where your tent should be located. Tie two of the tarp over the tent on the cord. Let the tarp lean over the surface of the tent. 

The Mushroom Fly Tarp Shelter

This type of shelter is like those classic sunshade shelters. But fortunately, it also adds a central support pole at the tarp’s midpoint. Rain or snow easily flows from its surface. 

It is proven to be pretty sturdy. But, you need to secure the four corners of the tarp well so it stays taught. 

Required pieces of equipment are-

  • Two guy linse
  • 5 poles

Peg the central pole to the ground. The central pole should be inside the tent already. Tie the middle of the tarp to the tip of the pole over the tent.

Stake four poles on each corner of the tent. Tie the corners of the tarp to the poles.

FAQ About How to Put a Tarp Over a Tent:

What Kind Of Shaped Tarps Are More Convenient?

Answer: Shaped Tarps, because they offer the greatest amount of protection.  They are also easy to set up and get a taut pitch.

Having a tarp gives you more security. They can protect you from the environment, rain, or shine. 

On the other hand, tarp shelters might take a bit of getting used to. Since tarp configurations take a bit of skill and practice. But once you’ve mastered them, they can be of great use.

I hope the above content answered your questions about how to put a tarp over a tent. No more worries about rain, wind or even finding a place to cook. So, next time you pack your bags for a camping trip, don’t forget your tarp! Hope you have an amazing trip.

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