How Big Should A Tent Footprint Be? An Article Around The Size Of our tent footprint




How Big Should A Tent Footprint Be

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If you’re a camp lover or a trek passionate, you may have heard about a tent footprint, including other tent items or attachments. If you have ever used a tent footprint, you must have an idea about how big should a tent footprint be; isn’t it?

I used a tent footprint once when I went to the hill areas because I felt that it would protect me & my tent both; trust me, using it is quite easy, but you have to choose the size of footprints quite wisely.

Anyway, let’s start without wasting time & know all about a tent footprint that we should have knowledge about.

What Is A Tent Footprint & What Does It Do?

A tent footprint is a safety guard that you must use as a floor protectant inside a tent; for instance, you have set the tent floor after putting it up, but it will be more comfortable if you keep a layer of footprint. 

You have to set the tent first & see how much spread it is or it can be; that’s how you can shape your footprint & place that inside. After putting that, you can place the tent’s floor in the same manner; thus, your tent’s exterior won’t damage, besides it will ensure your comfort.

So, it’s safe to keep an eligible tent footprint with you even if you don’t feel the necessity.

Why Should You Keep A Tent Footprint: Know The Valid Reasons

Many people don’t find it essential enough to carry a tent footprint with a tent in their bags; moreover, some of them consider it to be a burden. However, let’s make a list of the reasons of using a tent footprint; that’s how you may understand its necessities.

  1. First of all, it’s essential to make the tent you would be staying hygienic enough & ensure that no mold or bacteria are growing inside. Using a footprint inside a tent may not prevent the 100% growth of microorganisms, but it will reduce the amount or rate.
  2. Secondly, you can avoid the tent from tearing apart, or you can say that the footprint can be a protective layer for the tent & its exterior parts.
  3. You can save yourself from the dirt, pollutant, particles, rocks, & rain water if you add a tent footprint beneath the tent’s floor; won’t it be a discomfort if they get in touch when you’re trying to sleep.
  4. The footprint is waterproof, & helps you keep warm; therefore, if you somehow skip it while travelling or camping on summer, don’t forget to take it during winter at least.

Anyway, if you want to have a safe yet exciting camping trip, you must take a footprint along with other necessary things; do not forget that you can get out of your comfort zone, but have to ensure your safety first.

How Big Should A Tent Footprint Be: Know The Size Of A Perfect One

Well, there is no specific size of a tent footprint, but you can refer them or include all the products within a range; that’s how you can classify or specify. For instance, you will find most of the footprints within the range of 70 to 180 square inches; that makes you clear about the tent footprint size range.

You can also differentiate the tent footprints based on the number of persons that can use a single one; for example, you can buy a single person footprint for a small tent or for those made for only one person. 

If you have got a large tent for your whole group, you can get a jumbo size tent footprint that will cover the whole tent (for 6 to 9 people); the expansion of footprint will depend on how much you have spread the tent on the ground.

Well, it may seem to be tiring to carry a huge tent footprint for a person during his/her travel; therefore, you can bring multiple footprints for your group if you want to carry lightweight ones (for 2-3 persons).

Well, you may not have any difficulty to buy those or find any footprint according to your preference because many manufacturing brands produce different types of tent footprints; let’s check them out:

No matter which branded or purposed tent footprint you have bought, it should be suitable for your use & make sure the total flooring is 2-3 inches less than the tent’s floor. If the tarp or floor size is larger than the tent, it will not let the tent set well; as a result, it may fall or snow, rain, & dust can come inside.

Let’s check the list of tarp’s measurements according to the size of footprints; those are:

  • You will need a 6”×8” tarp & slightly larger (7.2×4.8) footprint for 2 persons or single person.
  • Get a 8”×10” tarp for 3-4 people footprint; that is relatively large than the previous one.
  • A 10”×12” tarp & the right footprint is suitable for 5-6 people; 6 people may feel a bit congested there.
  • 12”×16” tarp is the largest size for footprints & 6-9 people can stay inside that; therefore, if you have more than 9 people, you must get more than one footprints.

Can You Use A Tarp Instead Of A Tent Footprint? 

The answer is yes, you can use a tarp instead of a footprint, but it may not be as effective as the latter one; on the other hand, you can’t use a tent footprint instead of a mat or similar thing. However, take care of the measurement if you have decided to use a tarp under the tent’s floor.


Well, now you may have understood that how big should a tent footprint be, depends on your requirements & doesn’t have any special theory. I really hope that you would keep the suggested measurements in mind & always consider a footprint a necessary item for camp.

Buy one or multiple tarps or footprints to take on your trip & make sure they are from renowned brands & high-quality.

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