Want The Best Backpacking Tent For Two Plus Dogs? Here Are The Top 7 Camping Tents For Dogs




Best Backpacking Tent For Two Plus Dogs

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Can’t leave your dog at home when you go on a camping trip? 

Well, it can be difficult to take your dog along with you because the regular tents you have for camping aren’t going to be enough for that purpose. So, what do you do?

It’s simple; there are so many tents that you can find for camping with your dog. But choosing the best backpacking tent for two plus dogs isn’t a walk in the park. So, many things go into making that decision. After all, you are looking for the best pick, right?

That’s why, to help you out with it, I bring you the top 7 choices for tents that allow you to have two plus dogs on your camping trip. Want to know the best part? You can rely on all of them in terms of quality. As for the features, let’s dive in to check them out.

Our Top Picks: Features Comparison Table

No time in hand? 

Then, let’s take a quick look at the different options to see which ones provide what kind of value.

Model Purpose Features Dimensions Weight 
Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping TentBest overall tent for dogs Spacious 
‎86 x 50 x 434lbs 
Coleman Pop-Up TentBest tent for value Value for money 
Reliable quality 
Quick assembly 
30 x 29 x 46.41lbs 
Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking TentBest material quality High-quality material 
Easy setup 
Good spacing 
‎20.98 x 9.88 x 6.775.05lbs
Wakeman 2-Person Camping TentBest in budget Very affordable 
Good ventilation 
24.49 x 4.65 x 42.75lbs
Eureka! Timberline SQ Three-Season Backpacking TentBest for all seasons Durable 
Good protection 
Excellent spacing 
32 x 9.3 x 76lbs 
Marmot Halo 4 Person Family Camping TentBest for space Offers a lot of space 
Easy to set up and break 
Sturdy construction 
24 x 8 x 713lbs 
ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person TentBest in quality Top-notch material quality 
Great ventilation 
Almost no assembly 
‎17.9 x 9 x 5.35.5lbs 

Buying Guide For The Best Backpacking Tent For Two Plus Dog

Here’s the thing, you can find hundreds of quality choices but still not be satisfied with one of them. Because when it comes to getting a tent where you can camp with your dog, so many personal preferences come into play. And that includes the fact that how your dog feels about the tent.

Having said that, considering some basic factors is also very important. I will take you through the factors that you need to consider while getting a backpacking tent for your camping trip. Let’s check them out one by one.

Best Backpacking Tent For Two Plus Dogs
Backpacking Tent with Dogs
  • Weight 

The first thing to look at is the tent’s weight you are getting. You don’t want a very heavy tent that you will have a hard time carrying in general. But when you are going on a camping trip with your dog, you have to consider the weight factor even more. Because sometimes you may even need to carry your dog and have the backpack at the same time.

However, you don’t want the lightest of tents either. A lot of the time, you may end up sacrificing the durability factor while going for a lightweight tent. So, try to strike a balance between the two weights and see what fits your case the best.

  • Spacing 

Your dog won’t like to be in a cramped-up space. You will need a spacious tent to provide room for your dog. You have to make sure that your dogs can move around a little inside the tent.

Along with the basic space, things like storage pockets or hooks to hang stuff can help out a lot as you might have some things to store inside your tent for a complete camping experience.

  • Ventilation 

Nobody likes to feel suffocated, whether they are in a room or tent. To ensure proper airflow, you have to get a tent with a good ventilation system. And it’s not just for your comfort; it’s also important for preventing things like condensation and molds in your tent.

  • Assembly Type 

In terms of assembly, backpacking tents can be of two types. They can either be freestanding or non-freestanding. The freestanding tents usually have a rain fly and structure that are separate. It’s called a dual-walled design. The non-freestanding are those with a single-walled design where the rain fly is built.

Now, if you choose a tent for camping with your dog, I recommend getting the freestanding tents. They provide better structural support and are much sturdier than non-freestanding tents. 

  • Seasonal Support 

Well, it’s a no-brainer that you would want a tent that is suitable for all weather conditions. I mean, who wants to get a different set of tents for different weather conditions? Having said that, it isn’t easy to find those all-weather tents that meet the requirements perfectly.

The best option is to pick a three-season tent. With these tents, you can’t probably rely on them during the winter season, but other than that, they are pretty much sufficient in every season. The most important factor is how well the tent holds up in the rainy season; consider this factor before anything else.

After going through these factors, you can always come down to the prices, designs, colors, and all those factors. Those are strictly your personal choices; that’s why I won’t go through them. But when it comes to the quality factor, you have to go with the universal choices.

Top 7 Best Backpacking Tent For Two Plus Dog

With the choices I am about to go through, you won’t have to worry too much about whether they are suitable for camping with your dog or not. While choosing these options, I considered dog-friendly tent camping before anything else. Let’s take a look at each of them.

01. Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking And Camping Tent: Best Backpacking Tent For 2 Plus Dogs 

Going on a camping trip with your partner and your dog becomes much more possible with this tent. The spacious interior is great for two people and a dog to stay inside comfortably. 

marmot crane creek 2p 3p backpacking and camping tents footprints

Ultralight And Portable 

While the tent has a lot of space, it doesn’t weigh too much either. You won’t have any trouble carrying this on your trip at all.


The rainfly you get on the tent is seam taped. This provides excellent coverage with weatherproofing to protect you from different elements.


  • Spacious enough for 2 plus dog 
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry 
  • The tent is weatherproof with a rainfly 
  • Entry and exit are easy with two doors 
  • Quality material for better durability


  • The stakes could have been better 
  • It was quite expensive 

02. Coleman Pop-Up Tent: Best Backpacking Tent For Dogs With Great Value

To get the best value out of your backpacking tent, I would say Coleman is the way to go. They come up with top-notch tents that you can always rely on without any second thoughts. 

Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent with Instant Setup

Easy To Assemble 

Aside from the reliability, this is a tent that is just super easy to assemble. The complete assembly takes about 10 to 15 seconds at max to complete.

Provides Good Protection 

Whether it’s the protection against the sun or the wet areas underneath, you get protection from all ends. The ground will stay dry even on the wettest of days. This is something very impressive for sure.


  • The tent is very quick to assemble 
  • It has good protective features 
  • It’s very much reliable 
  • The quality is impressive 
  • It’s value for money 


  • Not the best ventilation 
  • You may have a hard time zipping the door 

03. Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent: Best Backpacking Tent With Dogs In Material Quality 

Is material quality a big concern for you? Then, I think this tent will meet your needs perfectly. It’s the best backpacking tent you can get when it comes to the quality of the build material. 

Kelty Grand Mesa 2P or 4P Backpacking Tent – 3 Season Camping, Thru Hiking Shelter, Aluminum Pole Frame, Single Door + Vestibule, 2024 Model

Freestanding Design Makes It Convenient

As I said earlier, it’s better to have a freestanding tent when you plan to camp along with your dog. You can set the tent anywhere you want and then move it around to your campsite.

Spacious For Two 

While the material quality is top-notch, it doesn’t lack spacing either. You can easily stay inside the tent with your dog without any discomfort.  


  • Impressive material quality 
  • Convenient and easy to set up 
  • Great spacing for you and your dog
  • Easy to move around 
  • It’s worth your money 


  • It doesn’t hold up the best against rain 
  • The holes in the tent can be an issue at times 

04. Wakeman 2-Person Camping Tent: Best Tent To Camp With Dogs In Budget 

Is it running a bit low on money? Well, then this is the perfect choice for you within a budget. It has enough space for you and your dog while keeping the price pretty low. 

2-Person Dome Tent – Easy Set Up Shelter with Rain Fly and Carry Bag for Camping, Beach, Backpacking, Hiking, and Festivals by Wakeman Outdoors

Plenty Of Color Choices

Another great thing about this tent is that you get a lot of color choices. So, you don’t have to be stuck with those boring camo or green colors of tents anymore.

Good Ventilation 

This tent is great for ventilation. You won’t feel suffocated or face any condensation issues on this tent. That makes it a very good choice to go for without any questions.


  • The waterproofing is impressive 
  • It’s very much affordable 
  • The ventilation is decent 
  • It’s lightweight 
  • Very easy to assemble


  • The durability is a bit questionable 
  • Not the most spacious tent 

05. Eureka! Timberline Sq Three-Season Backpacking Tent: Best Tents For Backpacking With Dogs In All Seasons 

The best kind of tents are the ones with three-season support, and this one delivers to that without any flaws at all. It’s a perfect tent you can get unless you plan to do a lot of winter camping.

Eureka! Timberline SQ Three-Season Backpacking Tent

Solid Build Quality 

What makes this tent very much desirable is the material quality. You can’t even complain a little about the build quality of this tent. It’s just all-around impressive.

Great Spacing 

Whether it’s the interior space or the storage units, everything this tent offers speaks out about space. You can rely on this tent for excellent spacing, and it impresses you for sure.


  • It’s very much durable 
  • Entry and exit are easy 
  • Provides good space for you and your dog 
  • It gives great protection in all weather conditions 
  • Good ventilation system 


  • Can be a bit difficult to assemble
  • The seams on the tents are problematic 

06. Marmot Halo 4 Person Family Camping Tent: Best Camping Tent With Dog Room 

Since this is a 4-person tent, you can easily camp inside this tent with your dog and one more person with ease. Even after that, you will have so much space left out for comfort. 

Marmot Halo 4 Person Family Camping Tent

Easy To Setup And Breakdown 

Although this is a pretty large tent, you don’t get through much trouble with the assembly or breakdown. It’s super easy to set up. And you can break it down very quickly at the same time.

Holds Up Very Well Against Rains And Storm

This tent is something that will surprise you with protection against storms and rain. It holds up very well against rough weather conditions with the sturdy build it offers. You will get a lot of value out of this tent in that sense.


  • Very easy to set up and break 
  • Offers a lot of space inside 
  • It has a rugged and sturdy construction 
  • Entry and exit points are simple 
  • Provides gear storage space 


  • Doesn’t have a lot of vertical room 
  • Ventilation isn’t the best on this 

07. Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 2-Person Tent: Best Tent To Camp With Dogs In Terms Of Quality 

If you don’t mind spending money on the higher-end items with the best possible quality, this is your tent. It’s expensive for sure, but the quality you get out of it is simply unmatched. 

Marmot Halo 4 Person Family Camping Tent

Hassle-Free Assembly

One of the best factors of getting this tent is that you don’t need to assemble the tent bit by bit. It’s super easy to assemble with the pole clips and quick snap stuff.

Excellent Ventilation 

While the first look may not give it away, the ventilation on this tent is very impressive. It has two mesh doors that allow the air to flow inside out without any trouble.


  • The quality is the very best 
  • It provides top-notch ventilation 
  • The assembly is no trouble at all 
  • You get great protection from rough weather 
  • It has great headroom for two people 


  • The tent was a bit expensive 
  • It’s a bit heavy in comparison 

FAQ About Backpacking Tents For Two Plus Dog 

Let’s get through some common questions people ask about these tents and something you may also wonder about –

When Buying A Backpacking Tent For Two-Plus Dogs, What Are Some Things To Consider?

When you are buying the best backpacking tent for two plus dogs, you will need to consider several factors. The first thing is what size the tent will be, whether it has enough space for your dog to stay inside comfortably or not.
Then, there is the factor of weather resistance and how well it holds up against rain and storms. You also need to think about the weight since you will be carrying it in your backpack. And of course, in the middle of camping, you don’t want to spend hours setting up a tent. So, ease of assembly is also important.

Where Does Your Dog Sleep When Backpacking?

Typically, it’s best to have a sleeping pad inside the backpacking tent for your dog to sleep on it. Or you can just have a tarp or tent footprint where they can stay protected as well.

Can A Dog Fit In A One-Person Tent?

This mostly depends on the size of your dog. A mid-sized dog can fit in a one-person tent without any trouble. But a large dog won’t be comfortable in such a tent along with you.

Which One Of These Tents Can Be Used In Windy Conditions?

Eureka! Timberline SQ Three-Season Backpacking Tent can be a great option to pick for windy conditions. It’s rugged and sturdy. It also holds up pretty well against storms and heavy winds.

Which One Of These Tents Has The Most Space?

Marmot Halo 4 Person Family Camping Tent is a good choice of tent when it comes to space. You can have a lot of room inside the tent as it is suitable for 4 people without any issues.

What Size Tent Should I Get For My Dog And Me?

If you are thinking about just camping in your tent, then a 2 to 3-person tent is enough for you and your dog. But if you think about the comfort of both yourself and your dog, then I suggest you go for a 4 person tent.


I know what you are thinking; even after this discussion, choosing one of these 7 is still tough. I can sum up choosing the best backpacking tent for two plus dogs as a personal preference. Yes, first you go through the basic factors and shorten the list of choices, then from there on, it’s just personal preference.

Having said that, I think one of the top choices from this list has to be Kelty Grand Mesa Backpacking Tent. It provides a lot of value while keeping the price reasonable. Most importantly, you can rely on this thing at any time to serve the purpose of a tent.

Altogether, you can still go with any of the choices based on your requirements. They all provide quality so that you won’t be disappointed with any of them truly.

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