Can You Bring a Tent on a Plane?




Can You Bring a Tent on a Plane

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Suppose, you are traveling by air & want to reach the destination for camping; you will need a tent or camping gear, won’t you? Now the question comes can you bring a tent on a plane or it’s prohibited in your state?

I once went to the USA, California for camping & luckily, I could carry my small tent because it didn’t exceed my luggage’s weight limit. On the other hand, my friend went to Colorado for camping, but she couldn’t carry a tent; she was permitted to take a sleeping bag instead.

However, let’s read the article further to know more about the rules that you must follow while traveling overseas.

Can You Bring a Tent on a Plane: Know the Rule Variations of Different Places

You all know that each state or province has some common rules, but has some separate acts & orders as well; let’s check what laws are there regarding taking a tent on a plane:

  • First of all, the maximum states allow the citizens to take a tent, but there is a condition; you will get checked before flying with a tent, & if it doesn’t violate the safety standards, you are good to go.
  • Secondly, you can carry a tent or camping gear that is lightweight in your bag unless your luggage is overloaded; that’s probably the most liberal law in some states.
  • Lastly comes the strict rules in some of the European areas, they strongly prohibit you to carry a tent while traveling on a plane.

Therefore, you should know the rules of your state & destination, & you must then decide whether you will fly, with a tent or not; moreover, what alternatives can you have if you’re unable to board a plane with a tent?

Let me give some simple solutions that you can take while going camping:

  1. You can send the tent in a mail or a parcel to your destination before flying with camping gear or tent; your nominated authority or a known person can receive it & handover the mail to you once you reach it.
  2. If you’re not allowed to fly, with a tent, you can travel by bus, train, car, ship, or taxi; you won’t have such restrictions there.
  3. Another option you can have is to buy a tent after reaching your destination, but please make sure that the price is moderate & your tent is light or the minimum size.
  4. The last option you can have is to rent a tent for you or your family, especially when you need a bigger one. You can’t carry a big tent for your family, camping gear, or a pole; therefore, you must find a store that lets you rent the necessary items for a period & the longer you will have, the more you will get charged.

So, if you are unable to carry a tent on your flight, please don’t be disheartened because you can still enjoy camping with your tent & other necessary items; however, put the things you are allowed to carry in your backpack.

How Can You Carry a Tent in Your Flight & What Things Should You Consider? 

Suppose you live in a state that allows you to fly in, a tent, but everything has a system; therefore, you must know how to travel with a tent & how to carry or pack it.

  • First of all, you have to choose a backpack that has large pockets & sections that can hold many things, at least the essential ones inside.
  • The backpack must be lightweight & easy to carry; you should pack some clothes & personal belongings that you can’t stay without. You have to ensure that the bag has enough room for your tent after packing all pieces of stuff; then comes your technique of folding the tent & putting it well in the luggage.
  • You should find the folding system & the least size you can make of the tent because different manufacturers put various features in their product models.
  • However, you can change your luggage or packing system for carrying your tent; you can have large luggage with a rod handle, a suitcase, a backpack, or even a trash bag.
  • After choosing a packing system you must know which tents will fit well inside it if you haven’t bought them yet; for instance, you must know about the tents that fit in suitcase.
  • Moreover, it would be better if you already own a weight machine because it will assist you to limit the items in your luggage; thus, you can determine how many things you can carry with your tent.
  • Lastly, the checkers will let you go if the total weight is okay & your bag doesn’t contain any harmful items like knives, weapons, explosives, or other risky items.

You can see that many people are allowed to take tents for them on a plane if they are slightly technical; so what are you waiting for? Pack your bags & you are good to go with your tent in the luggage for camping; enjoy your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions about Permitted Items on a Plane 

  • Can You Take a Food Can on Your Plane Journey?

Well, you will have meals on the plane if you’re having a lengthy journey; on the other hand, you can take some canned or frozen foods on the plane while traveling, but not heavy or cooked ones. 

  • What Things You Should Avoid Taking on a Plane?

Sports items like hockey sticks, baseball, golf clubs that one can use as weapons, various lighters or explosives, & any self-defense thing like pepper spray are not allowed while boarding a flight.

No matter which trip you are planning or for how many days, you must confirm that can you bring a tent on a plane or not, especially when you’re traveling by air. However, you must follow each rule of your state, ensuring your safety because you may get arrested if you take any excessively violent thing.

Anyway, you should select a spot where you can safely do your camping & trekking; putting a tent won’t do much with your comfort.

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