Best Cheap Way To Lower Humidity In Grow Tent (Why Need It)




Cheap Way To Lower Humidity In Grow Tent

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As a gardening lover, I always try to surround myself with some greenery, plants, flowers, and so on. Out of curiosity, I planned to grow my favorite plants in a grow tent inside my house.

But the hazard I faced when the humidity of my growing tent was increasing. Then I used some methods to reduce the humidity of my grow tent which was both easy and cheap.

If you have ever been in a situation like this, you will surely be curious to know what are those cheap ways to lower humidity in grow tent! Today I am going to solve your problem. Trust me!

Today through this article I will tell you 9 cheap ways to reduce humidity in a grow tent. 

Why Lowering Humidity?

Humidity occurs when the water molecules are present in the air. If the humidity of your grow tent is higher than normal your plant may be damaged, growth of your plant may be reduced, the fungus may be present and there is also a problem of mildew and mold. 

What High Humidity Causes To Your Plants?

Humidity is actually the state of air when there is lots of water vapor or steam, that ultimately creates condensation. Too high or too low, both the humidity level is harmful to a healthy plant in your grow room. Too much humidity may cause slow growth to your plant and your plants may get drier or dehydrated because of too low humidity. So it is essential to control the humidity level in the grow tent and keep it in a range that the experts suggest.

Cheap Way To Lower Humidity In Grow Tent
Best 9 Cheap Way To Lower Humidity In Grow Tent

What Is The Perfect Humidity Range For Grow Tent?

The humidity range for a grow tent differs in what you are planning to grow. 

For seedlings, the range is between 70-80%.

In the case of vegetable growth, it is 45-65%, and

For flowers, it is 40-60%

Get details information about ideal temp and humidity for Grow Tent.

How To Control Humidity In Grow Tent

The humidity that is assumed ideal for a grow tent is 40-60%. No grow tent should exceed this percentage if you want healthy growth for your plants. But how to control it? 

Well! You can control the humidity in your grow tent if you,

  • Ensure proper air ventilation
  • Maintain A drainage system so that no water is trapped
  • Use a dehumidifier for grow tent that is absolute of good quality 
  • Monitor proper lighting 

Want to know how to lower humidity in Grow Tent? Click this link.

Cheap Way To Lower Humidity In Grow Tent

Just as it is important to lower the humidity in your grow tent or maintain proper humidity, it is also important to do it cheaply. 

Here I will explain 9 cheap ways to lower the humidity:

  1. DampRid Moisture Absorber:

Damp Rid absorbs excess moisture in the air and your plants get rid of the mildews and molds. DampRid only removes the excess moist air around it. So for a larger grow tent, you will need more than one container.

  1. Bi Carbonate Soda: 

Another cheaper option for lowering the humidity is Bi-carbonate Soda. Bi Carbonate soda, when damp, releases some carbon dioxide which is ultimately a good thing for your little plants.

  1. Proper Ventilation:

For lowering humidity inside your grow tent you must maintain a proper ventilation system for your tent. How can you maintain this? Well! By setting up fans, either it is an exhaust fan or any fan that draws the air from outside, you may maintain a proper ventilation process inside the tent. 

  1. Removing Still Water

Still or stagnant water may cause excess moisturizer and might be the reason for some pests and bacteria inside your grow tent. So It is always better to remove the stagnant water from the grow tent floor. You can maintain a drainage system for your grow tent so that excess water finds a way to getaway.

  1. Density Of Your Plants Must Be Resisted:

Plants naturally release carbon dioxide and this actually increases moisture as well as humidity. So if your plant’s density is more than usual there obviously will be more moisture and vapors that would be creating more humidity. What to do? Try to make a minimum distance between your plants. Don’t make it too dense.

  1. Not Over Watering Plants: 

You should never overwater your plants. Overwater does not mean your plant will grow faster. Rather it could bring misfortune for you. Overwatering may damage the plants. When the roots are surrounded by too much water it becomes impossible to absorb oxygen and nutrients for the plants. Overwatering may also kill your plants. 

  1. Generating Air Holes: 

Creating air holes in a grow tent is another option for lowering humidity. It allows the air to move easily. Since the air does not get stuck inside, it doesn’t create any condensation inside the grow tent.  

  1. Insulating Tents:

For a thick barrier between outside territory and inside of your tent, you can use foam isolation in your grow tent. It will protect your plants from any external threats that may cause any damage to your plants. Also for lowering humidity you must make sure that your plants are properly insulated.

  1. Grow Lights:

When using any equipment for your grow tents, make a choice wisely. Grow lights that we usually use to grow tents raise the temperature. So it would be wise to use any light that would not increase the heat rather reduce it. 

Final Thought

When we grow a plant for our hobby, we want it to grow comfortably. It is important to keep all the factors in order for the plants to grow properly. By keeping the humidity low we can ensure that the plant grows properly. And of course, the cost must be kept in mind. Therefore I hope, in this article, you will find some cheap way to lower humidity in grow tent.

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