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Once some of my friends were planning to go camping. The fun of camping is not enjoyed without tents. So, we are confused about choosing our tent for camping, when to set up tents and how to set up. But one of our expert friends made this easy for us.

Are you new to camping but wonder tents when to use? Relax! Read the article to know the tips from an expert.

How does a tent become useful? What could be better than camping to get rid of the monotony of our mechanical life? A tent is useful to protect us from sunlight, shadows, extreme cold, rainfall, etc. Moreover, the use of tents in emergencies such as wars, earthquakes, fires. 

What Types Of Tents When To Use

When to use the tent depends on what types of tent you are using.  This will give you the best idea of when to use the tent you need and how to do it. If you have an idea about the types of tent, it is easy to use. Different tents are highlighted below:

  1. Ridge Tent

It is an (A) shaped tent made of nylon. That’s why it is also called (A) shaped framed tent. These tents are the earliest traditional tents. Made by a Two-layer tent that protects the outer layer and helps the inner layer to ventilate.

Advantage of Ridge Tents To Use

  • Easy to setup
  • Good for rain
  • Strong in natural storms

Ridge Tents Disadvantage

  • Limited height
  • Not perfect for family camping
  1. Bell Tent

Bell tents are suitable for general use. The prevalence of the UK is high. Its ingredients are effective for summer. Bell tents are also used for a campfire.

Bell Tents Advantage To Choose

  • Extremely well-equipped for camping
  • Functional in temperature control
  • Use more than one person
  • More ventilation facilities

Disadvantage Of Bell tents

  • Expensive
  1. Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents are suitable for camping in the rainy season. The tunnel is made in the shape of a few poles and is quite large, so it is more appropriate for family camping.

When To Use Tunnel tents 

  • More space
  • Suitable for rainfall
  • Ideal for camping with family

When To Not Use

  • It takes more time to set up
  • Limited ventilation
  1. Dome Tents

The dome tent is a square top elevated shaped tent. It is placed in a vertical shape with four pillars around it. It’s a kind of tent with headroom.

Advantage of Dome Tent

  • Able to survive in the hostile environment
  • Made with high-quality fabrics

Dome Tent Disadvantage

  • Expensive
  1. Backpacking Tent

The tent that is used for the mountain is called a backpacking tent. These are lightweight and easy to carry, so the demand is wide. Its designs are aesthetic.

Why To Choose Backpacking Tent :

  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for heavy rainfall

Disadvantage Of Backpacking Tent

  • Less space
  • Usable for one person
  1. Pop-up Tents

These tents are used for the convenience of setting up tents in a short time. It is made usable for two people and very popular for any festival or camping.

Pop-up Tents When To Use

  • Quickly  set up
  • The footprints of the tents are small
  • Easy to carry

Disadvantage Of Pop-up Tent

  • More expensive than other tents
  • Not suitable for too much wind/ bad weather


Now you know in detail about tents. So no more worries about tents when to use. Before going camping check your tents and ensure safety. 

Have a good time camping!

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