Need The Best Clip Fan For Grow Tent? Here Are Some Clip-On Grow Tent Fan Options To Check Out




Best Clip Fan For Grow Tent

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When you are trying to set up your grow tent, you have to incorporate many things into that. One crucial element is the fan inside your grow tent. Because what fan you put inside will dictate how the airflow is inside the grow tent, which impacts the plants a lot.

Now, finding the best clip fan for grow tent isn’t an easy task at all. Especially when you are just getting into grow tent since you haven’t worked with them. That’s why I am here to help you out.

I have brought some of the best fans with a clip-on feature that you can use for your grow tent to get that air flowing. I won’t take up much of your time and jump straight into it now.

Our Top Picks: Features Comparison Table

For those who are always running low on time, I have this quick comparison table that you can check out. It will surely give you an idea of the grow tent clip fan choices I have for you. You can simply decide based on the features on this comparison table if you don’t want to dive in-depth.

ModelPurpose Features Speed Size 
Vornado Pivot3C Compact Air Circulator Clip on FanBest for modern design Excellent design 
3-speed settings 
Heavy-duty build 
37.8 x 7 x 11.7 
Hurricane Classic 6 Inch Clip FanBest for versatility Usable in different ways 
It isn’t noisy 
Worth your money 
28.9 x 6.6 x 8.1 
HealSmart 6-Inch Grow Tent Poles Clip FanBest fit for tent poles Compact and lightweight 
Has manual adjustability 
Fits perfectly 
27.75 x 7.5 x 11
Lasko FBA 2004W 2-Speed Clip FanBest for noise-free use Has the least noise 
Offers good power 
Quite durable 
27.88 x 6.44 x 11.38
Genesis 6-Inch Clip Convertible Table-Top & Clip FanBest overall Versatile in use 
Great build quality 
Reasonable pricing 
25 x 6 x 10
Holmes Convertible Desk & Clip FanBest in performance Quick and easy setup 
Good adjustability 
Excellent performance 
28 x 8 x 7
Comfort Zone CZ6XMWT-EC 6″ Electric FanBest in affordability Great pricing 
Very quiet 
Easy to assemble 
26.88 x 6.75 x 7.38

Well, this just gives you a slight idea of the fans, not how they perform in the real world. You will need to dive deep into the reviews to learn about that.

Best Clip Fan For Grow Tent

Buyers Guide On The Best Clip Fan For Grow Tent

Having some options in your hand doesn’t give you the best possible solution for your needs. To get that done, you will need to consider several factors. These factors help you decide on an option that’s suitable for your particular needs and meets your requirements with perfection. Let’s get through the factors you should be considering –

  • Materials 

Well, typically, the materials of a fan just determine the fact of durability. Better quality materials can withstand much more damage and last longer than cheaper materials. It usually doesn’t have any impact on the performance of the fan.

So, here, you will mostly look for materials that provide better durability to the fans. Especially when the fans you are getting oscillating, you have to get quality materials on them. Since they move around a lot compared to regular fans. Ensuring the material quality of the fan just assures you of durability.

  • Speed 

You can get fans with fixed speed options or find fans with variable speed options. In general, it’s better to get fans that have variable speed options. Because when you have the option to try out different speed settings, you also get control over the airflow. You can easily determine the kind of airflow you will have in your grow tent.

Usually, fans will have 3 different speed settings low, medium, and high. You either get buttons or knobs to switch between the settings. Or, if you are certain about one true speed, you can go for a fan with fixed speed settings. However, variable speed fans are much preferable for a grow tent.

  • Size Of The Tent 

This is a very important factor that you have to consider. The size of the tent will determine the size or number of fans you will need. Usually, the size impacts how much power your fan can put out. A larger tent doesn’t require a larger fan, but it requires a much more powerful fan.

So, before you go for a fan, remember to keep the tent size in mind. Based on that, you will need to decide on the power that you will require from the fan.

  • Noise 

Let’s get real here; nobody wants to get that annoying noise coming from a fan in their grow tent. However, sometimes when you go for the powerful fans for your grow tent, you will end up with fans that cause a lot of noise.

In that case, you can either try getting a fan that doesn’t cause too much noise. Or you can simply go for multiple lower-powered fans, so the noise doesn’t become an issue.

  • Installation 

Ask yourself this question, do you want a fan that takes hours to install and requires a complicated process? The answer will always be no, right? I mean, who wants that. So, it’s obvious that you will look for a clip fan that’s super easy to install.

And luckily, there are plenty of options out there that don’t require too much work for installation either. They fit into you grow tent setup flawlessly without working too hard.

Aside from all these, the price can always be a factor to think about. But it’s more of a personal preference; that’s why I haven’t included that in this part. You can always find affordable choices and expensive options based on whatever you like.

The 7 Best Clip Fans For Grow Tent 

Here’s the thing, I have researched and got these 7 amazing clip fans for you. None of them lack in quality or performance. Every single one of them is top-notch, so you will end up satisfied, no matter which one you pick.

Having said that, they surely have their unique features that differentiate these choices, so let’s take a look at that very quickly.

01. Vornado Pivot3c Compact Air Circulator Clip-On Fan: Best Grow Tent Clip-On Fan With Modern Design 

Don’t like those backdated-looking fans out there? Well, then, I am pretty sure you will like this one. It comes with a unique and modern design that just soothes the eye when you look at it. It adds a pretty elegant touch to you grow tent. 

Sturdy Construction 

It’s not just about the looks that will impress you here; it’s also the sturdy build quality of this thing. Right from the get-go, you can feel this fan’s durability or sturdiness factor from its quality material.

Provides 3-Speed Settings 

With the 3 speed settings on the fan, you can easily choose between your preferred power. It will give you complete control over the kind of airflow you want in your grow tent.


  • The looks on the fan are pretty stylish 
  • It has got quality materials on the build 
  • You get 3 different speed settings backing you up 
  • The setup of the fan is very easy and solid
  • It provides great power for excellent air circulation 


  • The fan can feel a bit heavy at times 
  • It can be a bit noisy in lower settings 

02. Hurricane Classic 6 Inch Clip Fan: Best Clip Fan For Grow Tent With Versatility 

You can do it with ease no matter where you want to install this one. That’s the best feature you get on this fan. It gives you the versatility to install the fan just about anywhere you want. 

It’s Quiet In Operation.

The fan comes with two different speed settings, and none of them truly cause any kind of noise. You can easily rely on the fan for noiseless operation for your grow tent.

Quality Components

I have to say, the motor on this fan is simply amazing. It’s a high-quality motor that is built to last for a long time. Even the structure of the fan is pretty good, so you get top-quality components ensuring better durability on this fan.  


  • You can install this easily just about anywhere 
  • The fan is built to last for a long time 
  • It doesn’t cause any kind of noise while in use 
  • The clip is quite strong and doesn’t break that easily 
  • It’s worth your money for sure 


  • It may not have enough power for larger tents 
  • You have to adjust the swiveling and tinker it properly 

03. Healsmart 6-Inch Grow Tent Poles Clip Fan: Best Clip-On Grow Tent Fan For Poles

Are you looking for a fan that you can set on the poles of your grow tent? If that’s what you need, this is the perfect pick. This fan can stick to the pole like a monkey to provide you with that airflow you are looking for. 

Easy To Install 

Well, the first thing to notice with this fan is that it doesn’t take too much work to install this on your grow tent poles. You can easily do that without taking too much time and putting a whole lot of effort; it’s just a clip-on.

Adjustable Positions 

The fan has manual adjustment options that let you turn it in whichever angle you want. So, you can turn it around without removing it from the grow tent pole at all.


  • It’s a great clip fan that you can easily install on poles 
  • The fan is versatile to use in different ways and positions 
  • The manual adjustability features give you control over the movement 
  • It comes in a compact size and lightweight construction 
  • It’s usable for a lot of other purposes 


  • It tends to cause quite a lot of noise 
  • The fan doesn’t have enough power in some cases 

04. Lasko Fba 2004w 2-Speed Clip Fan: Best Oscillating Fan For 3×3 Grow Tent With The Least Noise 

If noise is something you hate from the core, then this is the clip-on fan you will love the most. Even in the higher speed setting and most power, the fan stays quiet and doesn’t cause any disturbing noise. 

Easy To Clean 

A lot of the time, fans get dirty because of constant use and become very hard to clean. But with this one, you don’t have to worry about that. You can very easily clean this through simple instructions whenever it gets dirty.

Mountable On The Wall As Well

Aside from being a clip fan, this is also a wall-mountable fan. If you have got the proper setup, you can very easily mount this onto the wall. And don’t worry about the power; it has gained enough of that.


  • The build quality of this fan is quite impressive 
  • It has got excellent power coming out of it 
  • You can use it as a clip fan as well as a wall-mountable option 
  • The fan is very easy to clean 
  • It’s super easy to install 


  • The fan can feel a bit bulky from the width 
  • Assembling the fan requires a bit of work 

05. Genesis 6-Inch Clip Convertible Table-Top & Clip Fan: Best 6 Inch Grow Tent Oscillating Clip On Fan Overall

Now, this has to be one of the most perfect clip-on fans you get to find out there. Whether you think about the price, the quality, or the performance, this has you satisfied from all ends. 

Dual Setup 

The fan comes with a quick switch between two kinds of setup. You can easily switch between a table fan and a clip-on fan within an instant. This provides this fan the versatility of use in different places.

Rugged Build 

Once you have this fan on your setup, you won’t have to look for a fan anytime soon. The material quality is top-notch that provides a great build as well. You can rest assured of the longevity this brings.


  • The fan provides top-notch build quality.
  • It has excellent speed settings with quite an operation 
  • The dual feature makes it convenient to use 
  • It packs up good power for better airflow 
  • It comes at a very reasonable price 


  • You will need some kind of tool to attach this fan to the base 
  • It’s not that stable with the higher speeds 

06. Holmes Convertible Desk & Clip Fan: Best Clip-On Oscillating Fan For Grow Tent With High-Performance 

If you are after the best possible performance from a grow tent, then I would say this is your pick. It provides high-quality performance that can ensure great airflow for your grow tent. 

Get Airflow Where You Want 

This fan comes with a very handy tilt adjustability function that you can use for directing the airflow. It makes the fan very much effective for your grow tent purposes.

Easy To Setup 

The portability and compact nature of the fan, combined with a quality clip, make it very easy to install. You don’t go through too much trouble while installing this.


  • The fan performs great for smaller grow tents 
  • It’s very quick and easy to setup 
  • You can adjust where you want to get the airflow at 
  • The build quality is very sturdy 
  • The fan doesn’t have any annoying noises 


  • The cord you get with the fan is coiled, which can be tricky to handle 
  • The base of the fan can slide a bit 

07. Comfort Zone Cz6xmwt-Ec 6″ Electric Fan: Best Clip-On Grow Tent Fan With Affordability 

This is one of the cheapest, or in better words, most affordable clip-on fans you can get for your grow tent. However, the best part is that it doesn’t compromise on the quality while giving that affordable price tag. 

Strong Clamps 

Something to love about this fan instantly is the strong clamps on it. Once you set this one up, it doesn’t move around too much, nor does it fall over. The clamps work perfectly on this.

Assembly Is Straightforward 

The fan is very easy to assemble on the base. You don’t need to go through a whole lot to set up the fan for use. It just takes moments to do it.


  • It’s very much affordable 
  • The fan is super quiet in operation 
  • It’s easy to assemble 
  • The clamps are quite strong and stable 
  • You can use it as a table fan as well 


  • It’s not the best in durability 
  • The power may be a bit lacking 


Best clip fan for grow tent also invites some common questions from people. Let’s take a quick look at those here –

Do I Need A Clip Fan In My To Grow Tent?

Yes, using a clip fan in your grow tent can help you control the temperature and humidity of the grow tent much better. Since grow tents are small, you won’t have enough space to get a larger fan or a table fan inside. That’s why a clip fan works the best. It also helps in protecting the tent from molds and fungus.

Which One Is Better: Oscillating Or Non-Oscillating Fans?

Usually, it’s better to have an oscillating fan than a non-oscillating fan. Having an oscillating fan means the place will get even airflow. Whereas the non-oscillating fans only provide airflow in a specific area.

Which One Is Better: Air-Cooled Or Water-Cooled Fans?

If you think about efficiency and quicker results, water cooling will always be a better option than air cooling because it speeds up the cooling process a lot. However, it has the risk of causing water damage, so you have to count on that factor as well.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Fan In A Grow Tent?

To get the best value out of your fan in a grow tent, always put it at the bottom of the tent. Unless it’s an exhaust fan, you must keep it on the bottom to get the most airflow going in your grow tent.


If I had to sum up this best clip fan for grow tent discussion, I would say it’s not that difficult to choose an option. Because most of the fans you get to see out there come with quality. It’s just a matter of which one catches your attention the most and which one has the power to provide for your grow tent size.

Still, if you are struggling to choose one, you should go for the Holmes Convertible Desk & Clip Fan, as it provides the best possible performance you can hope for.

Other than this one, you can get any one of the options I discussed and be satisfied. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you prefer.

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