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Best 4 Person Rooftop Tent

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There is nothing better than a camping trip to get rid of your monotonous life. It relieves all the stress, and you end up having a great time with your family. Now, if you have a car and want the easiest camping experience, then rooftop tents are your best bet.

For a family trip, you must get the best 4-person rooftop tent. Picture this: you go on a trip with your family and set up your rooftop tent. But it doesn’t give you the necessary protection or break down in the middle of the trip. Sounds awful, right?

That’s why I bring you this list of high-quality tents that will not disappoint you on your camping trips. I will also get you through a little guide on how you can choose the best pick for your needs.

Enough talking; let’s just dive into it.

Our Top Picks: Features Comparison Table

Not everyone will have the time in their hands to go through the detailed reviews. So, here’s a quick comparison table of the best 4-person rooftop tent.

Model Purpose Features Size Weight 
Bushveld Hard Shell Roof Top Tent 4 PersonBest for design Sturdy y
Aerodynamic design
‎79 x 52 x 14 175lbs 
Thule Tepui Autana Rooftop Tent with AnnexBest tent with annex Great build quality 
Pockets for storage 
Good ventilation 
‎122 x 72 x 52 190lbs 
Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4 Extended Roof Top TentBest tent with easy fitting Easy to fit on vehicles 
Heavy-duty build 
122 x 72 x 52183lbs 
Wanaka 55″ Roof Top Tent Setup with XL AnnexBest for durability Quality material 
All-weather supports
Top-notch ventilation 
122 x 56 x 49155lbs 
HIGH COUNTRY SERIES – 80″ PREMIUM – ROOFTOP TENTBest tent for comfort Very comfortable 
A lot of space 
Weather protected 
80 x 98 x 50182lbs 
Thule Tepui Explorer Kukenam 3 TentBest for budget Affordable 
Mold and UV resistant 
Proper ventilation 
56 x 48 x 12131lbs 
iKamper Skycamp 2.0 TentBest for reliability Reliable built 
Easy and quick to setup 
Very functional 
85.8 x 54.3 x 12.5227lbs 

Well, this is good if you want to make an instant decision on buying a rooftop tent. But if you want the best for suiting your needs, you will need to get in a bit deeper with the whole thing. So, let’s take an in-depth look at some 4-man rooftop tents.

Best 4 Person Rooftop Tent
4 Person Rooftop Tent

Buyers Guide For The Best 4-Person Rooftop Tents

I mean, you can surely go ahead and check out the products. All of them come with quality; there is no doubt about that. However, to find the one that meets your needs perfectly, you will have to consider some factors. Let’s get through those very quickly.

  • The Type Of Top, Hard Or Soft? 

A crucial thing to consider when you are choosing a rooftop tent is the type of top it has. You get to see two choices here; it can either be a soft-top or a hardtop.

The soft top tents tend to have a rubbery feel to them that can fold on the car. It’s like a cargo bag that you mount on your car and carry around. These are quite popular and much more affordable options. But they aren’t the best things to withstand rough conditions.

On the other hand, you have hard-top tents. These are becoming the norm these days because of the service and quality they provide. There are very few of them for 4 people as well. Usually, when they are not in use, it’s like a fiberglass box, and then when you have to use it, you can easily pop it out for forming a tent.

  • Weight Of The Tent 

The thing about rooftop tents is that you have to be prepared for carrying a pretty heavyweight. First, you have to ensure that your vehicle can carry the weight of the tent. Usually, it can be around 100-200lbs, so you have to consider that first.

Also, when you are getting a tent, be ready for that weight. Because no matter what, you have to get it on top of your car at least once. So, when you are installing the tent in your car, make sure to take help from a professional or a friend.

  • Ladder Inclusion 

When it’s about a rooftop tent for your car, you will surely need something to climb the tent. So, make sure to get a tent that comes with an included ladder. Now, there are two kinds of ladders that you can get out there. It can either be a sliding one, or you can get a telescoping one.

The choice is simple, if you want a sturdy ladder, then you go with a sliding one, but if you are looking to make the setup compact, pick a telescopic ladder.

  • Compatibility With Your Vehicle 

One of the most important factors you have to think about is that the tent you are choosing is compatible with your vehicle. I already talked about the weight capacity, but other than that, you also have to think about the setup and assembly.

Whether it fits your vehicle or not has a lot of importance as well, so you have to think about that before anything else.

When you are done considering these factors, you can move on to stuff like pricing or their features. That’s more of a personal preferences type of thing; that’s why I didn’t include them here as considering factors.

The 7 Best 4 Person Rooftop Tent

Here, I have 7 of the top choices that you can find for rooftop tents that are suitable for 4 people. These are options that come with excellent quality that you can rely on at any time. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at them.

01. Bushveld Hard Shell Roof Top Tent 4 Person: Best Rooftop Tent In Design

Getting a rooftop tent for your vehicle also invites the concerns of having a proper design. A design that supports aerodynamics is essential. And this one fulfills that need flawlessly. 

Quality Material 

Along with that vehicle-friendly design, the tent offers a top-quality material for its build. The double 600D body material combined with a rip-stop cover makes it a long-lasting choice.

Support For 4 Seasons

It doesn’t matter which season you are dealing with. You can easily find this tent useful for your particular scenario. It’s suitable for all the seasons as it comes with protection against different weather conditions.


  • Sturdy construction 
  • It’s pretty large 
  • Works great for all seasons 
  • Excellent aerodynamic design 
  • Easy to use 


  • It’s pretty heavy, so that you will need help with installation 
  • The larger size may not suit all the vehicles out there 

02. Thule Tepui Autana Rooftop Tent With Annex: Best 4-Person Rooftop Tent With Annex 

Do you need some extra room on your camping trip other than sleeping? You can relax there, have privacy or simply store your additional gear. In that case, this rooftop tent with an annex will be the perfect choice for you. 

Withstand Any Season 

This tent comes with a fantastic 600D coating with a poly-cotton blend. It gives the tent the necessary strength for standing up against any season that may come forth. You can consider it as a weather-resistant tent.

Excellent Ventilation And Airflow 

There are mesh panels all around the rooftop tent. These allow you to get proper ventilation and airflow in the tent. This way, you won’t have condensation or suffocation problems with the tent.


  • There is an extra room with the inclusion of an annex 
  • Excellent build quality 
  • The materials are suited for all weather conditions 
  • Provides good ventilation 
  • Large pockets for gear storage 


  • It’s quite heavy for initial assembly 
  • It’s not suitable for all the vehicles 

03. Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4 Extended Roof Top Tent: Best Family Rooftop Tent With Easy Fitting 

One of the best features of this tent is its easy fitting onto most vehicles. As long as you have any standard roof rack on your vehicle, you can install this one without any trouble. Just make sure the roof rack has the proper weight capacity. 

Heavy-Duty Construction And Material 

This 4-man truck tent comes with an amazing material that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions without any trouble. The material is pretty sturdy and provides longevity.

It’s A Compact Setup.

Another great feature you get with this rooftop tent is its easy setup feature that’s also quite compact. You can just fold it when not in use and collapse the telescoping ladder that comes along with it. The whole thing just gets tucked in your car.


  • The tent offers great fitting onto most vehicles 
  • It’s a very compact setup that folds in easily 
  • The heavy-duty construction makes it durable 
  • Comfortable with the high-density foam mattress 
  • It’s quite easy to set up 


  • The quality of the cover may not be satisfying 
  • It’s quite large, so you will need help setting this up 

04. Wanaka 55″ Roof Top Tent Setup With Xl Annex: Best 4-Person Rooftop Tent With Great Durability 

When you search for durability in your rooftop tent, this is the perfect option to meet your needs. It comes with good quality construction that provides long-lasting durability to the tent. 

It Has A Pretty Large Annex

Were you not getting enough room in your tent? You have the annex, where you can relax or keep all your gears without compromising space on the tent. It has enough space for a whole family.

A Removable Floor For Convenience 

Whether it’s to protect your feet from getting wet or keeping your bags and luggage dry, the removable floor helps a lot. You can keep all of your things protected from any kind of water damage, especially in the rainy season.


  • The tent is very much durable to use 
  • It’s convenient with the removable floor 
  • The annex makes a separate room for different stuff 
  • It’s suitable for all 4 seasons 
  • Great for ventilation and has an anti-condensation mat 


  • The tent can feel a bit expensive 
  • It’s critical to setup 

05. High Country Series – 80″ Premium – Rooftop Tent: Best Rooftop Tent For 4-Person Comfort 

This whole tent is dedicated to giving the users the most comfort. Whether it’s the spacious nature of the tent or the warmth inside it, or even the material, they all just cater to the comfort factor. 

It Fits Most Trucks And Suvs 

A great thing about this tent is that you can fit this one in most of the trucks or SUVs out there. This makes it an easy choice for a lot of people to use for their cars and their camping trips. It’s also foldable, so you won’t have to keep it hanging all the time.

Excellent Weather Protection 

One of the best features of this tent has to be the fact that it’s protected from rough weather conditions. You can rely on this tent to withstand most of the typical weather conditions you would usually worry about.


  • This tent is very much comfortable 
  • It’s quite spacious even for 5 people 
  • The fit goes along with most vehicles 
  • This provides good weather protection 
  • It’s quite sturdy and durable for the longer use 


  • The tent is pretty expensive 
  • Setting up the tent can be tricky at first 

06. Thule Tepui Explorer Kukenam 3 Tent: Best Budget Rooftop Tent 

Let’s get real; not everyone will have the money to spend on a luxury rooftop tent. This is the perfect option for those looking for a budget pick. And it’s not that it’s just the budget, this one also comes with decent quality that you will be satisfied with. 

Uv Resistant Fabric 

Even though the price is fairly low, the quality isn’t a compromise with this one. It still comes with a material that is UV resistant, so you can stop worrying about the sunlight. Also, it’s mold-resistant, so moisture shouldn’t be a problem with this one.

Proper Ventilation And Airflow 

The tent has mesh panels all over the place. You can get good ventilation coming from the tent and the airflow is just something else. It doesn’t make you feel suffocated inside or doesn’t cause any kind of condensation issues.


  • The tent comes within a budget price 
  • It provides resistance against mold and UV 
  • Offers good ventilation and airflow 
  • It has a foam mattress for excellent comfort 
  • The annex inclusion gives you an extra room for changing 


  • Setting this up can be a quite difficult task 
  • It doesn’t have the best durability out there 

07. Ikamper Skycamp 2.0 Tent: Best Rooftop Tent 4 People With Reliability

When it’s about getting the best quality on your tent, you can always rely on iKamper. Yes, they were a bit expensive, but you will never regret spending your money on these tents. Reliability is a key element for this tent. 

Excellent Strength In The Build 

The construction of this tent is just utterly impressive. With the double rooftop tent, you get a double-layer shell. It provides insulation so you can get strength and condensation resistance at the same time.

Quick And Easy To Setup 

Something great about this tent is that it’s quite easy to set up. You don’t have to spend hours setting this one up either; you can simply follow the instruction and get it done within some moments.


  • This tent comes with excellent reliability 
  • It provides top-notch quality in the material 
  • The setup easy very quick and easy 
  • You get a lot of functionality from this one 
  • The whole thing is made for excellent comfort 


  • The tent is quite expensive 
  • It’s quite large so setting up requires a bit of assistance 


Here are some of the most common questions you get regarding the best 4-person rooftop tents –

What Are The Benefits Of Having A 4-Person Rooftop Tent?

With a 4-person rooftop tent, you can always get enough room for a family trip. Since it’s mobile, camping becomes much easier than you would expect. Altogether, family camping trips become a real thing that you can go on regularly.

Which One Is Better: Hard Shell Or Soft-Shell Rooftop Tents?

Typically, hard shell roof top tents are better because they provide excellent aerodynamics than soft shell rooftop tents. Without worrying too much, you can go at high speeds with a hard-shell rooftop tent.

Which One Is Better: Single-Walled Or Double-Walled Rooftop Tents?

Well, typically, the double-walled rooftop tents will work better in terms of space, condensation resistance, ventilation, and waterproofing protection. But if you are thinking of ease of setup or weight of the tent, then single-walled tents are better.

Are Rooftop Tents Worth It?

This depends on whether you are a regular camper or not. If you are a regular camper, then rooftop tents are entirely worth the money. Because they are very much convenient and safe, and they have a faster setup time. So, as a regular camper, you will get many benefits out of them.

What’s The Best Hardshell Rooftop Tent To Put On A Cross Trek?

If you are thinking about putting a tent on a cross trek, I would suggest the iKamper Skycamp mini as it’s one of the best options for the cross trek.


When I have to summarize the best 4-person rooftop tent, it can get a bit difficult to choose one of them. Because most of the options I discussed here come with some amazing quality that will satisfy you for the most part.

Still, there is one option that goes above and beyond the competition and has a balance of pricing and performance. It’s the Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 2 Extended Roof Top Tent. It’s one of the best tents you can find regarding pricing, features, and fitting.

Other than that, you can always go with the other options to meet your requirements for the rooftop tent. Check out their features and see which one works out for you the best.

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