How To Cool A Tent Without Electricity? (7 Simple Hacks)




How to Cool a Tent without Electricity

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You are feeling drained from your routine life and need a break, but your budget is falling short for a long vacation. In such cases, camping works like magic, where one is worn out from their everyday mundane life. It does the job of stress reduction, physical fitness, refreshment, and so on!

Camping can even help make your bonds stronger! But can this stressbuster activity turn into a disaster? Yes, it can if you do not pay attention to one thing: your tent’s temperature. 

Read ahead to find out how to cool a tent without electricity and help yourself to a new skill alongside!

So why are we talking about the temperature inside the tents?

It is not just camping grills, barbeque to a perfect summer camping day. We live on a planet that uses sunlight to sustain us here. Campings are mostly done on bright sunny days, and the sunlight plays the central role in keeping the tent warm to even turning it into an oven. 

 It depends on how you deal with the camping process and whether your tent will be a hit or a miss. 

What Causes A Tent To Heat Up

Tents are designed to confine the heat that comes from the sunlight inside of them. Add up your respiratory carbon dioxide discharge, and voila, we are looking at little greenhouses conjured up from entirely natural elements. Since the heat gets trapped and mostly has no way out, you need to make tent cooling arrangements. 

Ways: How To Cool A Tent Without Electricity

Electrical cooling systems such as tent air conditioners, chillers can add up to your budget. Cut-rate is why you need to know how to cool a tent without electricity! We are listing some ways of doing it for you below!

Keep Your Eyes On The Time Of The Day

The old saying of “Prevention is better than cure” goes very well in the cooling situation too! The best way to prevent your tent from turning into a kiln is that you don’t let it get overheated in the first place. Suppose you arrived at the chosen camping area very early in the morning. Are you going to stay in your tent all day or go out and do fun activities?

Of course, the latter one! So practically, you do not need to set up the tent during the day. You can do it in the time where the sunlight has toned itself down. The best time for setting up the tent is just before sunset (you get some daylight to see and set up, so it is a win-win!).

Placement Of The Tent

Set your tent up under the sun shade, so that it is less exposed to the burning sunlight. Under a big tree or beside a large rock, any screen from the sun would help! You can use a tarpaulin to wrap up the tent, but the sunshade always works better.

Space Blanket

What about camping areas like beaches that do not have any shelter to lend you for the day? You have a solution to this problem in the form of space blankets. These wraps are designed to reflect heat and light from the sun.

They would work best if you wrap them around the tent all day. If you do not find one that can cover the whole tent circumference, buy smaller ones, and add them up. They are budget-friendly; you might be looking at an expenditure of a mere $14-15.


If none of those above options are correctly working, you might have forgotten to ventilate the tent. It is essential to let air pass through because the human body discharges around 1.25 gallons of water vapor all day. It will all accumulate inside if you do not allow air in or out. 

So keep an eye on this aspect while buying or setting up the tent. You can choose a very meshy kind to avoid making this mistake!

Tent Form

This facet can play a very crucial role if implemented in the right way. Buy tents that have roofs. They lead to the prevention of heat on many levels. Adequate venting will keep your roofed tent cool.

Use A Blanket Under The Tent

If you carry this extra piece of article, you can get a lot of help in keeping the tent cool. We know that the sunlight is bound to hit the grounds, and the floors are bound to get heated up. If you put a blanket under your tent, not only will it hinder the tent from soaking the heat up, but it also provides comfortable bedding for sleeping.

Keep Yourself Crisp

Camping in the summertime is a lot about looking after yourself that you might not realize. You will release a lot less sweat and, thus, vapor if you are careful and cautious. Wear clothes of a lighter shade; this will lead to a lot less heat soaking by your body.

Try to drink lots of water and keep yourself properly hydrated. Use a windproof umbrella or large hats to keep from getting burnt in the sun, and please, do avoid eating oily and piping hot foods.

Do Not Forget Battery-Powered Fans

A battery-powered tent fan can be one of your last touches to reality! Jokes apart, who does not need some fanning for a night of good sleep? Yes, this is why you need to take one of these with you!

Use a camping fan while you sleep; it will keep you and the tent both cool and fresh. Remember to charge it before departure!

Many of the campers do not like to take so many things with them. But if you are eager to reduce your carbon footprint and sustainably do something, you can consider the solutions mentioned above on how to cool a tent without electricity. Taking air conditioners with you will cost you more and have detrimental effects on nature, the very thing you are camping to experience.

Proper planning and buying will save you money and help the world alongside. Prevent making mistakes from the start so that you and your people can have a good camping day!

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