how to put up tents




how to put up tents

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You may need to put a tent while going on a camping; therefore, you must know how to put up tents on any place because you have to do it on your own. Anyway, how have you found putting up tents, easy or hard?

However, I have learned all the camping techniques from my eldest sister, who is my inspiration; she taught me the ways of setting up camping tents. No matter which branded tent or how big one you have bought, the primary things are the same.

Please read the article well to know every possible way, including some tips from experts; let’s see the things you must know.

How Can You Put up a Tent Yourself: Guidelines for Beginners

Suppose you have gone to a solo trip & don’t have any group mate or tour guide with you; what will you do? You will have no other option than setting it by yourself; therefore, it’s a compulsory for you to know the basic steps of that.

  1. You have to select an area first where you want to put the tent, but you must ensure the land is plain enough; moreover, you must make sure that the spot is perfect for setting a tent & you will be safe & comfortable in that.
  2. Secondly, you have to open the folded tent; it usually comes in the wrapped up manner; moreover, it’s easy to pack while going to a camp if it’s folded. 
  3. Attach the stakes after you have spread the tent; next, you can take the tent to the desired space through the stakes. Please make sure you are not pressurizing the tent or sides too much because they can damage or tear them.
  4. In the next step, you must make sure you have taken the loops, poles, & threads properly; start to place the poles, loops, & threads on the right places so that you can fit the top & bottom of the tent well.
  5. No matter what model of tent you have bought, it can be either triangle or circle; you have to make sure that you have spread the tent shape-wise. You can add the edges to the you the tabs; that makes the shape & bottom perfect sealed.
  6. Only fixing or attaching the bottom is not enough; you have to make sure the top is set well too because you will have difficulties otherwise. You have to fit the poles & threads of the camping tent perfectly; thus, you can protect yourself from high windy atmosphere.
  7. Lastly, you have to set the tent’s canopy well to make sure the top of your tent is ready; it is the mandatory step of putting a tent. 

Follow these easy & simple steps & have your tent ready for staying inside any time; I hope now you won’t have to depend on any other person to set up that.

What Are the Necessary Tips by Experts for Putting up a Tent: Make a List 

Well, if you want to know the tricks that makes your tent safer, stronger, & more comfortable, you are at the right place because here comes the tips from experts about putting up tents:

  • You have to keep some stones to cover the rest of the areas that don’t have threads or poles near; thus, the tent will become stronger if you are staying even in a stormy place.
  • Please make sure that the land is cleaned before you have set the tent; if you have the option or space, you can use a mat on the plain spot to be more comfortable.
  • Another thing you must do is to attach rain protection in the tent because you cannot expose yourself to the rain; moreover, you must take some steps so that the water & other particles don’t come inside the tent.
  • You can activate all the safety features that your tent has because anything can happen & an unsafe tent can put you on risk; that includes even the tent’s zippers. 

Therefore, you can enjoy a great trip & an adventurous camp if you take the necessary things with you & set them up once you know how to put up tents.

Would You Need Many People to Put a Tent?

That depends on the size or type of your tent if you need multiple persons to set up one or not; for instance, you may need someone’s help if you’re putting a large tent. On the other hand, you can do it yourself if you have chosen a handy or small one or all your group members have individual for themselves.

Which Tents Are Easy to Put up That You Should Buy?

If you are looking for easy to put up tents for yourself, you must check the list of the top-selling & user-friendly ones so that you can easily use them:

  • Coleman Instant Cabin Tent
  • Core Instant Cabin Tent for 9 pereons
  • Coleman Sun Dame 2-3 Persons Tent
  • Xiaomi Zenph Quick Pop-up Cabin Tent

Well, you can choose any one of them; please remember that both cabin & pop up tents are durable, high-quality, & safe. The pop up tents are usually easier to spread & fold; therefore, you can buy them despite being slightly expensive. 

Can I Put a Tent Wherever I want?

That also depends because the rules vary from one place to another; you will need permission mostly to set your tent for a certain time. Moreover, you have to put that up on your assigned space; you can put a tent on your desired space if you go to a forest, open area, or dedicated camping space.

You can choose your desired spot & prepare it for putting your tent; anyway, no matter which area you are going to camp, you must know the local rules first.


If you have read the whole article, you may have known how to put up tents & won’t have any confusion further; please make sure that you know the thing before going on a camp. It’s essential because you may not know what situation you are to face; moreover, it’s better to be self dependant.

Life is short to live; therefore, I will suggest to get out of comfort zone & camp a lot, but never forget your tent.

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