Kids Falling Out Of Tent: Tips About Tent You Need To Know




Kids Falling Out of Tent

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What is the worst thing that can happen while camping with a kid? Well, from my experience it has to be kids falling out of tents

So, recently I went to a campsite with my 2 years old nephew and in the middle of the night, while I was sleeping, he slipped out of the tent. Scary right?

Camping is always fun, adventurous, and a relaxing escape from our daily life. However, it often comes down to what types of tents are best for people who want to go on camping with their kids. 

Here, we have listed some tips regarding camping with kids and mentioned the best types of tents for the perfect camping experience. 

Kids Falling Out Of Tent: Select The Right Tents

Tents come in different sizes, shapes, and uses. So, it is essential to choose the right tent according to the campsite and weather. Selecting a tent can also be a little overwhelming as there are too many options to choose from. 

To stop kids from falling out of tents, we need to look for a good camping tent. Some suggested tents for a family camping are: 

1. Dome Style Tent

Dome tents are the most common type of tents and are best for individual uses. These are good for stormy weather. But they have less space compared to cabin-style tents.

2. Cabin Style Tent

This kind of tent looks like a cabin because of its almost vertical walls. It is bigger and more spacious, which will allow the kids to roam around inside the tent without any problem. These are the best kinds of family camping tents.

3. Pop Up Tents

Pop-up tents are super easy to set up and do not require a lot of space to carry. You can also buy kids pop-up tents for the kids. These kinds of tents are usually inexpensive, simple, and suitable for dry-weather camping. It is also a great experience for the kids to have their own tent. 

4. Canopy Tents 

If it’s day-long camping and you want some shades, canopy tents are the way to go. These types of tents are easy to set up and are light weighted. However, these tents will only provide you with shades and have no walls. 

5. Teepee / Tipi Tents

If you plan for a long trip into nature, teepee tents can be useful for you. These tents are durable and heavy, somewhat like a semi-permanent cabin. 

Placement Of Tents

Now that we have found the perfect tent for our camping, it is time to set it up. Setting up a tent can be challenging and exhausting if you do not know how to pitch it. The first step of pitching a tent is to find a suitable spot. 

Some tips have been given below on where to place a tent.

  • Look for flat grounds so that you can sleep peacefully.
  • If there is a strong wind that might ruin the tent, take help from nature and look for any hedges, trees, or bushes that can protect your tent from the wind. 
  • If there is a play area for the kids, set the tent up near it. 
  • Make sure to have a piece of knowledge about the surrounding area. 
  • Clean the ground before setting up the tent. Remove any stick or rocks and other kinds of stuff that might bother you later.
  • Do not set your tent up near the campfire.
  • Avoid setting up your tent on the top or bottom of a hill, as it could be dangerous for you.
  • While camping in a forest, do not pitch a tent on too soft or too hard soil. Gather some ideas on forest soil beforehand. 

Buying A Tent

The price of a large and good-quality family tent can reach up to $500usd to $700usd and sometimes even more. These can be quite expensive for most of us and one of the main reasons to avoid going on camping with the family.

But you can save up a lot of money by shopping wisely while buying a tent. Look for big tents for sale. You can easily find a good deal just by looking a bit. 

Camping With Kids 

Camping with kids can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Kids are curious little creatures.

Most of the time, it is hard to teach them the danger of a thing that can be a problem while camping with them. It is hard to keep an eye on them all the time and ensuring Kid’s safety

Here, I have listed some tips from my experience on how to camp with kids:

  • Advance Practice: Practice camping at home in the backyard. It will help you get an idea of what you need to do once you reach the campsite.
  • Plan And Pack: Make sure to pack all the necessary items like food, clean drinking water, clothes for the kids. Also, book the campground in advance.
  • Finding The Right Campsite: Look for a place fitting for the kids. Also, keep the weather in mind. If it is your first time camping with your kids, try something simple, like going to a camping park. 
  • Gather Knowledge: Make sure to have a good idea about the place you select for camping. Monitor the weather and be prepared.
  • Set Rules: once you reach the campsite, make sure to tell your kids where they can roam around and what places they should avoid. Also, teach them what to do if they get lost.
  • Avoid Kids Falling Out Of Tent: after setting up the tent, check every corner properly to ensure that the tent is secure for the kids. 

With the tips given above, you will not have to worry about your kids falling out of the tent. You can enjoy nature stress-free. 

So, now that you know what tent to buy at a good price and have the tips on how to camp with kids, what are you waiting for?

Bring out your calendar, select the perfect date with fitting weather, pack your bags and take a break from your daily life. 

Always remember that camping is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, not full of stress.

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