What Is A Trailer Tent? Is It Essential?




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When the first time I saw a trailer tent I was really amazed by this. What an Idea! A tent in a Trailer! I found it very interesting. 

What is a trailer tent? Basically, A trailer tent is a large tent that is contained in a trailer. The base of the trailer becomes a ground for sleeping or living when the tent is set up. 

I planned in my mind that next time whenever I go on a tour, I would definitely gain experience in trailer tents.

Honestly one day my friend and I arranged a trailer tent for our tour. Today I will tell you through this article what is a trailer tent and how convenient and comfortable it is. If you don’t have any idea about how to make a camping tent from scratch, you can go through this link.

What Is A Trailer Tent? Is It Essential?

Let’s talk about some points of a trailer tent. How it is good or bad to use.

Are Trailer Tents Any Good?

If you want a hassle-free and at the same time safe and convenient tent then a trailer tent will be the best option for you.

Even though it has very little space inside, you can still keep all your essentials inside. You can even arrange a table, chair or even a bed inside it. This tent is also an eco-friendly tent. Can even cook! 

How interesting! 

Say rain or any unexpected situation this tent will help you deal with all kinds of situations.

What Weight Is A Trailer Tent?

This kind of tent usually has an unpowered vehicle towed by another which is really lightweight and easy to pull.

The weight is from under 160 kg to up to a maximum of 500/600 kgs and is pulled by any kind of vehicle. 

Are Trailer Tents Warmer Than Tents?

Usually, the trailer tent is not warmer than any other tent. 

But since you can raise your bed instead of sleeping in a bed that is closely in touch with the ground, in that case, the trailer tent is warm. 

You can use a mattress in your trailer tent bed for a better sleeping experience, as the mattress offers more comfort than any usual inflatable bed.

You can even put heavy blankets or any old carpet under your bed to warm yourself in the bed. 

Fan heater may also help to reduce the coldness of your tent. 

But most importantly do not overgarment yourself in any tent. This might cause you discomfort. 

The Difference Between A Trailer Tent And An Usual Tent? 

There may come a question to your mind, What is the difference between a trailer tent and other types of camping tents?

  • A trailer tent is when a tent is packed into a trailer and can be pulled by any vehicle.

But An usual tent doesn’t need any trailer to be carried on.

  • A trailer tent has more space and lights inside than any usual tent.
  • The trailer tent offers you to raise your bed from the cold ground but in any other tent you must have to sleep in any sleeping pad or bed that is closely connected to the ground.
  • You can use ready made beds with traditional mattresses in a trailer tent but an usual tent will not allow it. 

Final Word

The trailer tent, although attached to the trailer, is much lighter. You can use this type of trailer tent at any campsite. 

Whenever you query for what is a trailer tent? Just remember, it’s a kind of tent that can give as much comfort as you have in your bedroom.

It will be worth having a trailer tent in your camp. Trust Me!

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